There is plenty of gaming ear phone (or headsets) in the RM200 variety to choose from. But whatever you pay for all the diverse models and brands might be different. Sades has made amply of gaming headset to suit the diverse needs of a specific gamer.

Sades A60 Gaming Headset Review

So wherever does the Sades A60 come in? This sets of cans is a enormous all-rounder, as long as you distinguish how to tweak its sets just right.

Build Quality

The Sades A60 might look large however rest assured the rubber-similar plastic covers for the pads, both the edges and the top, creates it a fitting and comfy to wear for long phases of time. There are a few color variants, by the review model here in black plus blue. The black colour is in a matte surface, with the center part that houses the Sades logo (by glowing LEDs) in a gloss finish. Two parts of gloss metal just at the portion wherever the headset spread gives the sleek appearance some contrast. The microphone is attractively tucked inside the left side of the cans, plus can be get into easily by a mild pull.

Moving down, the 3m cable is shielded in fabric, which appearances and feels great in the hands. There is a volume control hub that houses all the straight controls accessible: volume up plus down, a mute button, a mic mute switch and a vibration switch at the middle.

All in all, a solid looking as well as feeling headset.

Sound Quality

However it is very exciting that Sades is providing lots of things to chaos around with, finding the faultless preset that just sounds excessive will take time. There is no preset for games, merely for music, movies plus hi-fi, and none of those I discover to be as excessive as the inexpensive Sades Moyu. It might be just a matter of palate though, so your mileage might vary.

The microphone is pretty worthy for a gaming headphones, with clear sounds recorded and got with little noise plus distortion. The vibration stated earlier is fundamentally vibration made form the headsets, obvious with more bass sounds, otherwise something similar explosions. It can be toggled toward high, low or off from the volume controls. An exciting feature but not somewhat I enjoy. The surround sounds though, are very perceptible. You can noticeably guess the direction of sound approaching which would give you a benefit in some games where spatial consciousness is key.


The Sades A60 is a concrete headset no doubt. However it does need some twists to make it sound improved, as it must in the first place. That sour note inappropriately holds me back from straightly commending this beforehand checking out other models of its value range to see if they can offer more. However, what you acquire from the Sades A60 is well value its price. It has decorative looks, a well-ordered volume controls, nice looking cables, decent mic plus sound plus it is very comfy toward wear. A solid Game headphone no less.