If you want your business to last in the long run, it’s important to keep your staff up to the minute. Ignoring new systems, technologies and ways of working is a sure way to get left behind. Even if you have an engaged, informed CTO finding new technological solutions for your company, if you can’t get your employees trained to use them effectively they’ll waste more money than they save.

When you’re running a training session for your employees, you have a lot of factors to take into account if you want to make it a success. The size of your company makes some decisions for you: if you’re running a big business you likely have the infrastructure in place to organise training yourself, from a robust HR team who can schedule and organise the people who need to be there, to the space to accommodate them while they learn, and even, potentially the experts on site who not only understand the new technology but can teach it to your staff.

If you’re running a smaller business, you have a lot more decisions to make. You may need to hire space with the right facilities to teach the new system to everyone who needs it, as well as finding an instructor. You also need to find a way to schedule the training so it causes minimal disruption to the activities of your business: for many companies losing a day of labour has a serious financial impact!

To help get the right facilities you can use a business venue hire company: this allows you to filter for what you need and produce a shortlist quickly. If you’re looking for a training room for hire in London, click here for more details.

When you’re looking for an instructor it’s worth consulting your staff first: if you have someone working for you who has a history with this new system elsewhere, and has experience teaching or presenting, it’s worth calling on them for help. If they don’t have any experience or skills with public speaking, this may actually be counterproductive so choose carefully.

If you have no-one suitable working with your organisation, try asking the providers of your new technology. They may be able to provide a trainer – as it’s in their interests for businesses to get the most out of their product. Even if they can only train one person, they can take a lead on disseminating that information for you, and make sure everyone who needs it is up to date.