Running A More Eco-Friendly Workplace Environment

Running A More Eco-Friendly Workplace Environment

One way you can help save the environment is to run a more eco-friendly office. As a business owner and leader, it’s your responsibility to pitch in and do your part to create a better world for everyone.

There are simple tweaks and changes you can make that will help you accomplish this goal fairly effortlessly. People are going to follow your lead, so make sure you’re practicing what you preach at work and are being environmentally conscious on a daily basis. It may require a small investment on your part, but know that your willingness to pitch in and help will make a huge difference in the long run.

Put A Team in Charge

Run a more eco-friendly work environment when you have employees in charge who are passionate about the subject matter. Unfortunately, people aren’t going to all of a sudden become more caring about being green overnight. It’s going to take time to change behaviors and habits of the folks you work with. Having individuals spearing your initiative will help to make sure workers understand the importance of implementing these modifications.

Keep Electronic Files

It’s time to print less and keep fewer paper files lying around your office space given all the advancements in technology. You’ll have more room to walk and maneuver around and hire additional employees without file boxes taking up space. It’ll also be easier to organize and locate electronic files in case you find yourself in a lawsuit and need pull up important documents right away. For retrieving the more difficult files such as the ones on your hard drive, you should let the professionals handle these sorts of tasks for you.

Encourage Ride Sharing & Bicycle Commuting

Reduce adding to the carbon footprint by encouraging ride sharing among employees and bicycle commuting. You can even go a step further and offer to pay toward gas or the cost of the bikes if people are willing to take advantage of these kinds of programs you’re offering. Another great idea is to select one day a week where you host a lunch or grant some type of reward for those who share a ride, walk or bike to work.

Install Green Lighting Solutions

Many workspaces have multiple conference rooms and offices that use up a lot of energy on a daily basis. One way to save you money and utilize less electricity is to install green lighting solutions such as LED or put lights on a motion sensor,so they only turn on when someone is occupying the room. It’s easy to forget to physically turn off the lights when you have a lot on your mind, so this way your employees won’t even have to think about this task after a meeting.


These are four practical ways you can start running a more eco-friendly work environment today. Research additional solutions and continue to build upon your successes. Remember that small investments and behavior changes now will lead to bigger savings in the future for you and your office.

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