People usually see in themselves a growing telltale sign that they’re made for something more. Entrepreneurs feel this way. Entrepreneurs in the IT are usually the ones who feel this way. It’s not hard to understand. There’s a lot of fever in development of IT technology today.

IT schools are popping up and they all offer great educational background for entrepreneurs. If you want to be a businessman in the world of IT, then you may want to learn some of the rookie mistakes you can avoid to improve your chances of success.

Expecting Instant Access

Rookie entrepreneurs are most likely expecting things to run according to a well-crafted and comprehensive plan. The best thing to remember is that this doesn’t appear to be the case. However complicated and comprehensive your plan is, a lot of business has to do with what experts call The Black Swan. Blacks Swans are those that can’t be predicted but play a large role in a business’ success. Black Swans are those that you can’t calculate no matter how sophisticated is the model. Lowering your expectations will then make you a bit more lenient when things in your business go out of your plan.

Not prepping up your life

You don’t go in a marathon without training yourself first, right? Countless start-ups die every year because they don’t try to train themselves first in what’s about to come. Many relationships falter because of the lack of preparation that comes with starting a business. They don’t see that it’s going to cost them their current lifestyle. That’s why it is best advice to start small in business. It’s understandable why people should at least be conservative with a business first. Not doing so will heighten expectations that will cause irreparable damage.

Keeping Ideas, Forgetting Reality

It’s not enough to have a genius idea anymore. You should be able to tap the rest of the elements in starting a business. It should also be clear for start-ups how to distinguish a business from a product. The product is something that fixes a problem. Business is more recurring. It answers a continuous demand from the customers. You should be able to keep these ideas in mind when you’re starting your own start-up business.

Doing it on your own

You should understand that there’s a lot of factors and issues that need answers in a start-up. Doing this all on your own will not be good for a start-up. You are most likely to fail when you spread yourself too thin trying to handle this initial phase. You should consider hiring an expert or specialist to assist you with anything. For example, you can make your website, but you have to shell out a lot of your time to study how to make a website. If you hire a freelancer who has a lot of quality reputation behind his name, you save both time and money in solving this part of your business.

Ignoring Data

There’s a saying that you shouldn’t cross the road blindfolded. This means that it helps to stick with what the previous wisdom has already confirmed. There’s a lot of startups that ignore data just because they think that their product is revolutionary. What the wisdom offers is data of the likelihood that a business will succeed. The data available today will also clarify some of the issues that entrepreneurs can avoid if they just listened to conservative wisdom.


The IT industry is flourishing. It’s promising to start a business in this field. However, it’s not that easy. The tips above hopefully will make it less difficult by addressing the rookie mistakes start-ups commit.