While many of us are happy to say good bye to the long, hot summers and welcome the new season, there are few who are dreaded as the winter arrives. For some people winters is a harbinger of cold flu and various skin related ailments. Fret not, a little effort and following simple health care tips we can ensure that we as well as our families stay healthy and active during winter season. The very first steps towards following a healthy lifestyle are remaining indoor as much as possible and increase the intake of Vitamin D on daily basis. Vitamin D is not only good for our heart and skin, but also helps in boosting our immunity.

Ways to naturally increase vitamin D in our body is by exercising, eating more of fish and exposure to sunlight. Besides this, taking supplements containing herbs and nutrients also help in boosting our immune system. In case you are feeling extreme pain in your joints and bones on a daily basis, we suggest you take consultation from some of the best doctors at super speciality hospitals in Gurgaon and NCR.

Eating well is yet another important factor that you must take care of. It supports our immune system during the cold season. We must include winter fruits and vegetables like bananas, kiwi, green leafy vegetables, potatoes to diet, which are warm and nourishing. Beside this, a proper sleep helps in keeping the immune system healthy and ward off symptoms of cold. Cold weather also affects our skin and makes it more susceptible to conditions like skin eczema, psoriasis, chill blain, dry and itchy skin. Using moisturisers containing vitamin E and omega-3 can significantly help in managing skin problems. However, if the skin condition is serious and moisturizers and supplements are not helping, visiting skin specialists for expert advice is the best option.

Sometimes warding off winter blues can become excruciatingly painful. In such condition, consulting doctors from reputed hospitals like Medanta is perhaps the best option to ensure your health. From terrible skin issues to critical problems like bronchitis, doctors at Medanta hospital are competent enough to take care of your health issues. The medical institution is also known as the best cancer hospital in India.

Even if the winters is not a season that you particularly enjoy, by following the above mentioned procedures you can truly enjoy it. We wish you a very happy winter.