Everybody knows that these days, Auto Expo is in Delhi, where the latest automobiles are kept on display, whether it be concept cars, or cheapest or sports, or cruiser bikes.

But biking has become a Passion these days, People go for long rides on their cruiser bikes like prominently in India, youth are very interested in going Leh Ladakh and Khardung La Pass which is the road situated on highest Altitude of India. Biking for not hours but for many days.

Riders Are More Prone To Air Borne Diseases

Sounds Interesting, But bikers are more prone to the Air borne diseases specially the breathing diseases like Cold, heavy breathing which might lead to Asthma on later stage, this is because they are in direct contact of air pollution, the dust, smoke, smog , or many such things people riding bike has to face daily.

And everybody is awarded about the level pollution we are having these days, if we leave some of the green areas of our country, Metro cities are having worst of it these days due to heavy load of vehicles on roads, industries, and many other untamed and unwritten reasons which. can’t be fully eradicated from the lifestyle of a Metro city.

So what is the Solution for this?

People should not buy bikes, and should go for Car? – A big NO, that is not possible.

Or we can take precaution while riding. – Yes, absolutely!

What one can do primarily is, Should buy pollution mask(nose filter mask) which is fit for Bike Ride.

These days, the technology is advanced in case of pollution mask as well. There are many types of masks or filters available specially for bikers as well in market.

The surgical mask, N95 mask, some kind of respirators, these are now the ancestors. There is a special thing introduced in market which is still a hidden Gem but is perfect as bike ride pollution mask, Which is a Nasal Filter.

Nasal filter is the most compact filter or mask which is made and most appropriate for the riding. It simply fits in the Nostrils very perfectly and have the micro fiber filters in it which supplies only clean air for your breathing.

This looks like a cute small butterfly but is so efficient that it is a hit in western countries specially in U.S where it was invented.

This thing simply blows off all the shortcomings of any other pollution mask, like

It is very light weighted, and one cannot even feel that he is wearing something special.

One can wear it while having their food, drinking, washing face etc.

Main advantage of thing filter for a bike rider is that, biker can wear it inside the Helmet, very comfortably and without any irritation which person has to face in any other kind of mask.

And person can talk very easily while wearing this product whereas other mask covers your mouth as well which doesn’t allow you to talk very clearly.

Basically, Bikers should keep in mind that if they have or owning their dream bike then they after taking care of their safety, they should also think from the perspective of air pollution as well, as some things are not in our hands but only we can do is to take precautions.