In this highly competitive world, you wouldn’t expect anything good to be free but you will be surprised to know that EaseUs Todo Backup Free is the world’s most popular free backup software with more than 6 million home users currently using it.

Some use it to clone hard drive windows 7 but it is also compatible with the latest windows 8.1. The free backup software presents itself as a reliable backup and recovery software that is available for all home users. It is incredibly easy to use and with its one click backup, you can protect your entire system, files and applications. Plus it is a scalable solution for backup, disk clone and disaster recovery as well.

Review: Clone Hard Drive With Windows 7 Cloning Software

Now in its latest version 8.0, EaseUs Todo Backup Free software allows you to create a WinPE bootable media without having to install AIK or WAIK. The new version is now having better compatibility with even the latest Windows 7/8/8.1 and UEFI, especially when you will be creating WinPE bootable media.

You can not only use it to clone hard drive windows 7 but there’s a whole lot of other features available in the free backup software. With system backup, you can back up your entire system which includes applications, configurations and the Windows operating system in one compressed file. This will save you lost of time and space. Then you have Disk Imaging which can be used to quickly and efficiently back up your entire disks or volumes.

With the File Backup feature, you can selectively choose to back up only specific files, folders or file types; which includes your entire network shared files. This will reduce the time to complete the entire backup process and saves some space as well. If you just bought a new solid state disk or just upgraded to a bigger capacity hard disk drive, then you will appreciate how easy it is to clone hard drive windows 7 using the free backup software. You can use it to browse image file so you can backup with just using Windows Explorer and simply using copy paste files or folders.

The free backup software is very easy to install and use which you can download and immediately start using it within minutes. There’s an intuitive interface which also comes with a step-by-step wizard which guides you all the way as there are no technical skills required. It is perfectly safe and reliable and it won’t cause any harm to your data or your machine.

EaseUs Todo Backup Free is your complete free backup software which you can download and start using it immediately. But don’t wait too long to have it installed on your machine as you never know when a disaster would strike. Plus the feature to clone hard drive windows 7 is very useful especially if you’re upgrading your hard disk.