Retail banking is the division of a bank that deals with normal or retail customers. The other name of this banking is consumer banking. Retail banking provides services to the retail consumers and these services includes loans, online banking, credit and debit cards, lockers etc. For retail banking you will find many branches in your city and in all over the country. These banks are common banks and they handle works of normal consumers.

Corporate banking is the one that handles business banking. This means they have accounts with company names. They always work for companies and this is the reason why they don’t have much crowd in banks. You won’t find many branches of these banks in your city or in country. This type of banking always deal with huge amount and these banking also offers investment banking. That means people can invest funds in certain companies and when they get profit they can do the money whatever they want. In short this bank also works as a mediator in between the companies and the people. These banks are a center for profit and the reason is that companies deal with huge funds and that’s the reason they earn huge amount of profit. The biggest headache of these banks is loans. The companies always look for loan amounts in order to develop or start a new business so there is always a queue of loans with huge amount.

Retail Banking vs Corporate Banking

Product and Services

Current and savings account:- For these types of services, people are charged with a bit of monthly fees. Though people get a bit higher rates in saving when compared to current account but in savings account they don’t get much transactions.

Certificates of deposits and investment certificates:- these are most common in big countries and these are mostly used by investors in order to invest money in some company. This also works as an important source of profit.

Mortgages on residential and investment properties:- because of the huge size mortgages gives benefits to both retail and corporate customers.

Financing:- This is a service that is usually provided to retail customers. One can opt for automobiles loans, house loan or other property loan personal loans etc.  On the other hand in corporate banking people don’t get loans but the companies get loans in order to develop themselves.

All these services are provided by San Francisco bank and so one can easily opt for these.