Research chemicals are novel category of drugs and hence they are also known as designer drugs. These drugs are legal unlike their parent drug. They do not come under any schedule or they are non- scheduled drugs. The features of designer drugs are as follows:

  1. They are derived from the actual drug which is considered illegal. There are many chemical substances whose sale is not considered legal. But when a designer drug or altered drug of the same parent chemical is formed, it can be sold as it does not come under the same category.
  2. There are many chemicals or drugs which are used to achieve that mental high but are banned. These chemicals can be used instead as they are also known as legal highs.
  3. Generally these are used in lab or for veterinary purpose. But after their safety is established for human consumption, they can be used for humans too.
  4. They are psychoactive substances and are used for relief in humans.
  5. They are also known as bath salts particularly some of the derived new drugs like methylone and are not for human consumption. But many a times it is overlooked and people consume it.

Categories of research chemicals:

Generally the term research chemical is wide and broad. There are many types of drugs which come under this. Hence to simplify and understand their types better, they are classified into following categories:

  1. Psychedelic drugs: these are basically derived from tryptamines and amphetamines.
  2. Stimulant drugs.
  3. Sedatives: These are similar to morphine, fentanyl. In fact they are found to be more potent than these drugs. Hence must be taken carefully to avoid any type of incident.
  4. Cannabinoids.

Thus these are some of the general categories for Research chemicals. The main thing to monitor is the dose of these novel drugs as they are highly potent and can lead to problems if not controlled properly.

Some of the things are very important to consider while buying or consuming research chemicals. Firstly these are novel compounds which are not researched much. Their research is under way hence they cannot be termed as completely safe for humans. So one must make sure that the drugs which are being sold online or anyone else have the following properties:

  1. Also price is an important factor to consider. It should not be very expensive. Generally purchase from a company who are giving good discounts and competitive pricing.
  2. See that if you can order and the company is not fake. These drugs are not illegal and there is no law for them. But be sure of the online site from where you are planning to purchase them.

Thus, these are some of the necessary things to consider before you purchase. If you are planning to buy them online, then, you must read the terms and conditions of the particular website. Beforehand only enquire about their shipping policy and other details. This will make it easier and convenient to order.