Renovating Your Swimming Pool: It Is Possible

Renovating Your Swimming Pool: It Is Possible

If your swimming pool is old and dilapidated, you can refurbish it with quality materials and new technology to get a refreshed look. A remodeled swimming pool will become a stunning feature of your property and will come with enhanced functionality. Pool renovation can be anything from a simple face lift to a complete overhaul. The extent of renovation that you go for is a personal choice and depends on your budget and needs. The aim with which you must dive into a swimming pool renovation project should be to create a backyard retreat for you and your family and Entreprises Jean Milord inc. can help you create it.

Start with a detailed survey

The first step to renovating your swimming pool must be a detailed survey by a structural engineer or a pool remodeling specialist. The survey will help determine the extent of construction work required and the best renovation methodology that will suit your pool. The engineer will check the condition of pool shell structure and accordingly suggest if you can continue using the existing shell with replaced finish or you need a repair or replacement of the shell. The survey checklist commonly includes:

The survey needs the water to be drained out so that the shell can be properly inspected. If the specialist finds the need to do an invasive survey to check the condition underneath they may do so to expose the shell structure. The more detailed the initial survey is, the lesser the chances of surprises will be during the phase of construction. The initial survey cost will be higher if you go for a detailed survey however, the de-risking it brings along is an advantage.

Tips to enhance the look and functionality of your pool

You can remodel your pool per the latest trends by adding new features. This will not only enhance the aesthetics of your pool but also increase the value of your property. Here are some tips to revamp your swimming pool.

  1. Replace the coating: Go for a trendy color or integrate a frame to rejuvenate your swimming pool. Changing the pool liner will reinforce the membrane thus adding strength, style and comfort to your pool.
  2. Add a variable speed pump: Variable speed pumps come with enhanced functionality which offer silence, better water quality and cost savings. The variable speed pump can change its speed per the usage of the pool and the equipment.
  3. Upgrade the lighting: LED lights reduce the energy cost and give an opportunity to adorn your swimming pool with different hues.
  4. Add a heat pump: A heat pump can make your swimming pool usable for a longer time. A heat pump is the most economical and hence the most preferred choice to heat the pool.
  5. Go for some automation: You can automate your pool by adding functionality that enables you to control your pool automatically. You can control the heating, filtration and the lighting. This feature helps you save time and gives the peace of mind as you can rest assured that your swimming pool is automatically getting heated and filtered.
  6. Change the tile: New tile can instantly change the look of your swimming pool. This is an easy way to improve the appearance of your pool.

There is a plethora of features you can add to your swimming pool. If you want to go for all bells and whistles, you can add massage jets and underwater speakers. The extent of remodeling that you need and undertake depends on your aspirations and your budget.

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