Remarkable Developments In Women Health Care In The Past Years

If history is to be held as evidence, women have experienced discrimination in terms of their health despite of being prone to it more than men. Due to the discrimination; women suffer more from chronic diseases. What makes women much more prone to health issues than men are because they have ever-changing bodies and due to the rise and fall of various hormones, they feel emotionally, mentally, and physically distorted easily. Whether it is a C-section or birth control operation for females, either way, women have a lot to do with the health scheme of our country. Luckily, there have some distinct developments in the field of medicine and women are getting heavily benefited from it.

Here we mention some important developments in the field of medicine, specially for women.

Hospitals Dedicated Solely to Women

Many hospitals in today’s time have been set up for women specifically. In fact, there are public maternity hospitals in Delhi that provide facilities at a much lower rate. Now women need not go to big clinics and splurge money on high medical treatments like ovarian cyst removal or treating clinical depression. It is very much possible to get cured at a much reasonable rate.

National Approach to Women Healthcare

Some of the milestones achieved in the recent past includes developing a coordinated national approach and building the appropriate infrastructure to improve women’s health. If we look at the last five years, a good chunk of money has been dedicated to the medical sector and women healthcare is a major part of that.

Health Initiatives

As it is obvious, women’s health focus is woven into the fabric of agencies and policies hence a major initiative has been made to addresses a range of health issues related to women.

Scientific and Public Awareness

It is very important to educate and create awareness to take forward a scheme. Hence, they were increased, by forming collaborations across government agencies and the private sector using a health-in-all policies approach.

No Denial of Services

One good thing that happened over the last few years is that women are finally not denied to have a coverage of pre-existing scheme. The option of medical insurance and reimbursement has only become stronger in the recent context. With greater access to healthcare, women can now benefit from free preventive services and will no longer require cost-sharing or paying deductibles. This is a great step ahead, when it comes to a progressive growth in India.

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