Anavar is one of the brands of drugs named as oxandrolone. Raphael Pappo was its first creator of this drug who designed it in year 1964. It was used for treating wasting diseases.During 80’s, Anavar and Anadrol both were prime choice for doctors to mention in their prescriptions for treatment of muscle wasting tissues. Some of its qualities like least water retention, enhanced strength etc helped individuals a lot in solving their issues. Subsequently several number of people started taking this drug, majority of them were body builders, athletes and recreational steroids users who looked for gaining lean body mass. Aggravate

Popular “Muscle Media 2000” magazine which was first to disclose openly about steroids gave it highest rating for its least risks and great benefits. This drug is known for offering least toxicity than other drugs. Use of testosterone booster for adding more muscle mass, enhancing body energy and increasing libido is very common among most people with its most positive effects. Simply have a look on bonuses and find more details.

Chemical Structure of Anavar

Anavar has its molecular structure of 5-alpha-androstan-2-oxa-17alpha-methyl-17beta-ol-3-one. Inventor of this drug derived its molecular structure from dihydrotestosterone. One major difference which can be seen among them is that later replaces methylation with oxygen atom and 2 carbonsare brought in position 17th. Commonly, oxandrolone was one its components that exhibit more qualities of anabolic and less androgenic, which is results in elimination of any harsh side effects.

Dosage of Anavar Drugs

Anavar is only taken in oral form while other can use it after crushing tablets and mixing with liquids. Taking with grape juices is great idea as grape juices increases effects of any sort of medications. Grape juices have tendency to enhance bio-availability of several drugs and thus is preferred. Thus, not every medicine or drugs make use of grapefruit juice. Standards set for effective dosage are 25 to 50 mgs per day for men and 5 to 20 mg per day for women. The dosage of Anavar should be taken as mentioned above because it is found that Anavar aggravate male pattern hair loss.

Testosterone booster is other way of gaining lean body mass and firmness in body. Both   anavar and testosterone boosters can lead to increase in firmness of body.There is few side effects, which should be noticed prior to using testosterone boosters, which are given as below-

Physical Hazards Caused by Testosterone Boosters

  • Acne is most common side effect cause by testosterone boosters in men.
  • While boosting muscle strength, these do not increase simultaneous strength of tendons and ligaments, which are responsible to connect muscles with bones. Thus it can lead to myalgia or abnormal growth of muscle.
  • Their prolonged usage can cause lead to kidney failures.
  • Occasional headaches in human can be reported in some people nu using testosterone booster. These headaches are categorized as milder than migraine but occurs several times than normal headaches.
  • It can cause anemia or other kind of deficiency of iron in blood. It can result in colder feelings or may cause cold or infection.

Psychological Side Effects Resulted from Testosterone Boosters

  • Common psychological side effects are like mood swings, increase in aggressiveness or hostility with enhanced level of testosterone etc.
  • Testosterone booster can lead to depression symptoms.
  • Anxiety symptoms seen in individuals.