Reducing and Preventing Bowling Injuries

It may not be a high impact sport but any bowling enthusiast knows this great pastime is not without injury. The most common, bowling wrists, may be accompanied by back injury or bowling thumb. Read on for some simple tips for reducing or preventing these common bowling injuries.

Warm-up & Cool Down

It’s a great idea to do a little stretching before any bowling session. When you do this pay particular attention to the arms, shoulders, neck, legs and back.

Back Injury Prevention

Anyone who’s been on a manual handling course with work will know that bending over to pick up heavy items is a bad idea. Always pick up a bowling ball by bending your knees and carrying it with two hands, or your non-bowling arm, until you actually bowl it. This will prevent sudden back injuries which, if they do occur, can far outlive other injuries. Back injury can also occur from the bowl itself – applying better technique is key here for prevention. Also, ensure the finger holes aren’t too tight, or you could strain your back if the ball doesn’t release properly.

Bowling Wrist Prevention

Bowling wrist, sometimes referred to as wrist tendonitis, is the most common form of injury that affects bowlers. The best way to prevent bowling wrist is to wear a wrist support like those found on sites like or others. These supports will not only prevent overuse of the wrong muscles but also provide you with extra strength when bowling. Applying the right bowling technique is also key in reducing the likelihood of bowling wrist and according to the US Hand and Wrist Institute wearing a wrist support can in fact help ‘lock-in’ the correct technique.

Bowler’s Thumb

A lesser-known injury is bowler’s thumb which occurs from a build-up of compression between the thumb and forefinger. This can be prevented by using the correct size ball, taking a rest from bowling, or trying to put less spin on the ball when you bowl it.

Training off the Alley

Strengthening your core, upper body and balance ability are all really important in reducing the instances of injury. A stronger core and back will ultimately result in fewer injuries. Incorporate some Pilates into your normal fitness regime to see better results at the bowling alley.

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