Conducting experiments, studying and analyzing are part of the job description for those in health and science related fields. Dealing with small volumes of liquid as harmless as water or as harsh as mercury is within the realm of possibility, especially for chemists and biologists. It is extremely important that durable materials such as glass are used in the creation of products designed to hold liquids, especially chemicals and other dangerous solutions.

Not only is glass a resilient material capable of maintaining its reliability while holding and storing liquids, but it is easier to clean and preserve. The glass should be of high quality and handled meticulously while being prepared for its formation into a liquid holding container often sold to healthcare facilities, labs and other similar organizations.

When you have the need to purchase glass made containers and products for your lab or facility, Wheaton Glass is favored by most professionals involved in the same industry as you. They uphold a positive reputation due to the quality and resilience of their products.

Reasons Wheaton Glass Remains Favorable Among Healthcare And Science Facilities

The Most Substantial Characteristics of Wheaton Glass Products

Perhaps the most admirable and unique characteristic that Wheaton holds is its exceptional history. For over 126 years, Wheaton has remained lucrative by manufacturing chemical resistant, high quality, and sustainable products. The focus of the company has always been to provide safe storage and secure delivery for laboratories, hospitals and research centers.

Wheaton Glass provides top of the line pipettes, syringes, glass containers, and accessories for those who handle the safe keeping, transfer and delivery of liquids. The consumers trust the quality of the products due to the substantial characteristics Wheaton Glass products possess.

  • Wheaton Glass uses primarily recycled materials to manufacture their products. For example, 90% of the glass used in the factory is recycled.
  • They offer energy efficient lighting options.
  • Wheaton Glass creates all types of storage containers for small volumes of liquid. Superior chemical resistant tubular glasses are one of the strongest and most secure products offered by Wheaton.
  • They have clear and amber colored options.
  • The amber glass containers provide excellent UV protection for light sensitive liquids.
  • For those with more specific product needs, custom glass options are available.
  • Wheaton takes pride in its ability to create one of a kind product for customers all over the world. The company is open to all of their customers’ needs and will fulfill their request even if the product isn’t listed on the website.

The product list for Wheaton is seemingly endless. It is certain that as a professional in need of glass instruments or storage solutions for liquids will find what they need listed on Wheaton Glass products’ list. The recycled materials used to create the products match the standards desired. They take the utmost caution while planning the creation of a new product. One little defect or mistake could be disastrous, especially for anyone using the glass to store or transfer chemicals.