You must have heard a huge rage about promise rings ? But did you know that this is a very ancient tradition and it dates back to many centuries ago? Yes, this is a practice that has probably been there since the time of your great grandparents and even before that!

If you are currently going through pictures of Promise Rings for Girlfriend in the hope of buying her one, there are a few facts that you need to know of if you want to give her something that carries a lot of weight.

What is meant by promise rings for her?

This ring is given by one person to another as a token of promise. For example, you might promise to love your girlfriend for the rest of your life and give her a promise ring as a token or you might even promise to wish her on her birthday every year, no matter what and give a ringto her to show that you are serious about keeping your promise. It is meant as a sign of promise. If you give a such ring to someone, it is not necessary, that that person also has to give you one in return. It is not a mutual exchange but is simply a sign of promise.

Who can you give a promise ring to?

You do not need to be in a romantic relationship to give someone this ring. You can give to your friend as well when you make a promise or you as a sign of your beautiful friendship. You can also give it your parents if you promise them something but it is not at all a common practice. It is really up to you how you want to interpret the meaning of these rings and who you want to give it to. All you have to remember while buying one is that if it is for your girlfriend then you have to buy girlfriend promise rings, if it is for your fiancé or just a friend then you will have to buy one accordingly, etc. Your relationship with the person will determine what type of rings you will give.

When to generally give,girl promise rings?

Most people often wonder when it is a best time to give their girlfriend a ring. It is best to remind you that such rings were typically exchanged between couples during the courtship period which were later replaced by engagement rings. So, if you are ready to make that promise to your girl and are ready to go to the next level of commitment it is time you start looking for nice girl rings.

What kind of ring- Engraved or Simple promise rings for girlfriend!

When looking for such rings, either go with engraved ones or stick to simple rings.The simple rings are nothing but bands of gold. They are the most stylish and well suited for everyday wearing. You girl can also flaunt it by wearing it in a chain around her neck.


These rings are a sign of promise. So, if you give one to your girlfriend and make a promise to her, make sure you keep it!