According to some recent researches, it has been found that most of the students who got into the IITs, hailed from a CBSE curriculum. The Central Board of Secondary Education is becoming increasingly approachable for the students, for the unprecedented success in different competitive exams. Today if you quest to know the proportion of people getting into the IITs hailing from the CBSE curriculum, you’ll definitely find a percentage of around 50%.

Reasons For Choosing A CBSE Curriculum

Probable Reasons Why The CBSE Curriculum Is A Hit

In today’s world when the competitive market has gone high, every parent aspires their children to achieve big. It is now a dream of almost every child to get into the IITs. For this, a careful and clear directive coaching is required from an early age. Some of the best boarding schools in India CBSE coaches the children wonderfully at every standard of the school.

  • The prime cause behind why every parent would want their child to go into a CBSE school is that the schools have better coaching facilities. The schools are not only known for the smart classes but also they possess a sound infrastructure, worthy faculties along with versatile teaching methods. It is needless to say that they do their best in terms of teaching and nurturing, to get their students selected in the top organizations of the country. The students thoroughly enjoy the teaching process and this is a definite cause that enhances their knowledge.
  • Most of the CBSE Board schools and found to be situated in the metropolitan and in the major cities of the country. Owing to the situational advantage that makes transportation easier, a lot of people choose CBSE schools.
  • All of us know that the cities have better infrastructure to provide a sound knowledge of the special techniques required in IIT exams. Apart from offering the best infrastructure and technical facilities they also train students from a very tender age. CBSE boarding schools in India trains children in unique ways. They believe in the unique capabilities of each child and thus patiently recognizing them, coaching a child beautifully. Parents can be assured of the fact that their child will not be put under the unwanted stress of feel distressed at any point in time. The teachers are extremely assisting, and they help in recognizing a person’s true potentialities to make sure the child is not subject to stress.
  •  One obvious numerical advantage of the CBSE curriculum is that here a lot number of students appear for the class 12 board examination, than in any other state board. Also, needless to say, the rate of success is much more in CBSE.

And yes, of course, the core syllabus in CBSE is made in the way such that, a student studying in the CBSE curriculum will definitely be able to crack several competitive exams. The syllabus is made in a way, keeping in mind the IIT entrance examinations. The syllabus is not only precise but also it is well defined. It makes the student learn what is essential for the IIT entrance. Also, a student under CBSE curriculum is found to have a much stronger base of knowledge to face the IIT entrance.