Raise A Toast To Your Best Friends For Everything

Friends are the most important ingredient of a happy life and they are also those parts who never leave us. Yes, as a part of growing up, some changes their location but they never change their position in our minds. From quarrelling to watching movies together, from mock fighting to eating in one plate, friends teach us a lot or reversely we learn from each other. Friendship Day is celebrated with much fanfare now, but I think for best of friends, any day can be a friendship day. Because all you need is the presence of each other. Tying friendship day band among friends are common these days, but there is friendship beyond that simple band. Being with each other in moments of happiness as well as sadness is the mark of real friendship.

What to do in Reunion of Best Friends After Many Springs?

People become so busy with life and its growing complexities that finding time for the smallest desires and things becomes tough. But when you meet up with old buddies, doing all those things that you all used to do together would buy you happiness worth millions. Here’s a list of those nostalgic things.

Something Fishy

Going for fishing in the nearest pond would relieve so many memories in your head. Seeing a village girl who has come to the pond for washing clothes, may irk that portion of your memory when you in a friends group used to come here to see a particular girl who happened to be the first crush of life. All these and many more growing up memories would come alive with just one meeting near the pond.

Coffee at Midnight

You must be missing those sleepless nights before exams and normal PG life when waking up with coffee/tea and cigarettes was the need of the hour. And now, you go to bed at time because a proper 8 hours sleep is necessary for a power packed day in business and office. When you gather with your old buddies, this midnight chatting sessions backed with coffee would give a lovely refreshment.

Long Drive through the Woods

A friend’s brother must have taught you how to ride and now when you know the tricks, no one can stop you to go far with that Vroom…..Vroom… sound. A lovely and successful gathering or reunion of friends would become a memorable one if you take a bike ride to places like Leh-Ladakh.

So, tie the friendship band on your friend’s wrist with some nice memories to cherish forever.

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