Everyone would have travelled on a train at least once in their life. If you have not, and this is your first time you really do not have to worry. Travelling on a train may seem all fussy and irritating in the beginning, but once you settle down on your seat and get comfortable, it is going to be a wonderful ride. There are certain things that you must pay attention before and after you board a train. If you follow the rules, there will certainly be no issues.

 Here are some things that you must know on your first train journey –

  • You must book your tickets in advance to avoid any problems on the day of the travelling. Train tickets are booked in advance, and as most of the people prefer travelling on trains, the tickets are sold out very early. So, if you plan to travel, you must check railway seat availability and get your seats reserved early.
  • Carry a copy of your e-ticket or the original ticket when you board a train. Ticket checking officers come along more than once to check your tickets. Having your ticket handy and safe will help. You must also carry identity proof with you.
  • Just like planes, trains also have various classes. There are eight classes in a train. You can choose to travel in any one of them according to your convenience. AC1 and AC2 are air-conditioned coaches that have beds, linen and food. They are comparatively expensive and good for overnight journeys. The AC3 will be seats in the morning and bunk during the night. The Executive Class and Chair Class are seating coaches that are the best for day-journeys. The second class coaches are cheaper, and you will have to share your seats.
  • The train journey is fun if you get a window seat. You can watch interesting landscapes, villages and life in India through the moving train’s windows. You can take pictures of the landscapes and have a wonderful time soaking in the sunlight.
  • A train is a very spacious vehicle, which allows you to do stuff like reading a book, listening to music or watching a movie on your iPad. If you have reserved seats, you can lie down, take a nap or even work on your laptop.
  • Do not carry expensive things with you on a train. If you do carry anything expensive, make sure you keep it in a locked suitcase or your purse that you should always keep with you. Remember that you are responsible for your luggage on a public transportation system in India.
  • You get water and food on the train by sellers, but it is suggested that you carry your own meal if you are concerned about hygiene. Otherwise, you get all kinds of food at each station and on the train too.
  • Small talk with co-passengers is good to learn about people and their lifestyles. But, getting too chatty and giving out your personal details is not advised.

These are some of the things that you must remember when you are travelling on a train for the first time.