Racertech has years of UTV racing experience under their belt, and they take pride in the extensive R&D that makes their suspension products some of the toughest on the market. Their Commander lift kit is guaranteed for life and also has a spring replacement add-on package. Racertech also offers high quality sway bars, a-arms, tie rod ends, and more to make your Commander or other UTV suspension virtually unbreakable.

Racertech’s Can Am Commander lift kit complements the Commander’s unique suspension geometry while protecting the vehicle’s CV joints and maintaing the stock ride quality. The kit changes the Commander’s upper shock geometry without changing the lower. It improves the shock angles which require a lower spring rate in order to maintain the vehicle ride height. This gives you both a taller ride height AND an improved ride. While the increase in ride height will vary, you can expect an increase of about 2 inches. The kit works well with the optional Racertech dual rate springs that work best when you remove a little preload. The installation of the kit takes 1-2 hours, and the kit includes very thorough instructions and is powdercoated black.

Racertech Can Am Commander Lift Kits

Delrin bushings are a virtually magic upgrade for your Commander’s suspension. Allowing you to run bushings without the grease that becomes a magnet for dirt, mud, sand and other contaminants, Delrin bushings, are the best material available. The tighter fitting assemblies by Racertech fit like a glove, and they are sold as a complete front upper and lower kit. These bushings will fit a stock a-arm, Racertech’s high clearance a-arms or any other long travel a-arms that are designed to use stock dimension bushings. The kit includes inner pivot bushings only, although outer bushings are also available.

Racertech also makes high quality heavy duty tie arms, and they are the only a-arms on the market that do not change the Commander’s OEM steering geometry. These kits do not push the inner pivot point further out like other tie rods. The kit fits all Can Am Commanders and it is important to remember that the difference between some of the year models is the threads on the clevis that thread into the steering rack, some being 14mm and others being 16mm. For these suspension components and many more for the Can Am Commander, or whatever UTV you own, visit www.sbsparts.com.