There are several reasons to choose this grille design, just as there are numerous locations where they will work. You can add dependable security in all manner of commercial spaces including strip mall retail shops, bars, reception areas, and serveries as well as domestic entrances, doorways, and alcoves. As you protect your valuable inventory and possessions, you can also maintain visibility into display areas and stock space. This is important for security guards who are on duty at shopping centres and other locations.

You don’t have to choose based on what’s available. You can choose the span size that you need because these grilles can span up to four metres without mullions. In fact, it’s possible to protect unlimited spans with the use of permanent or removable mullions.

Ease of Use

If you’ve hesitated to use a security device of this type because you thought that they were too heavy and difficult to use, you’ll be happy to hear that roller grilles today are lighter, yet even more durable. Modern products are adaptable and use a smaller axle to avoid what was often considered unsightly roll diameters when the protection was not in place. This also means that you won’t have to be so concerned about lack of room in your setting.

With the best systems from leading suppliers, you also get a double-turn Italian key locking system (dual-facing), which is a highly recommended solution for security shutters. You’ll enhance the safety of your property and benefit from ease of use, all while maintaining great aesthetics. Most people are familiar with manually operated protection but motorisation can often be adapted. Ease of use is ensured, thanks to the assist torsion spring counterbalancing door weight.

Larger grilles require help from direct-drive tubular motors that slide into the axle. This makes operation as easy as flicking a switch. You can also include the available remote control or key switch. In some situations, these same dependable grilles are used as shutter systems in domestic applications. You can integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces without eliminating the view. Of course, you’re establishing a sturdy security barrier. Some homeowners have used this method to secure a veranda or pergola or deliver an additional entertaining area or playroom, for example.

Get Started

You can learn more about the options offered when you visit the website of one of the leaders in this industry. Perhaps you’ll select the polycarbonate roller shutter, a popular choice for protecting areas and valuables from dust, vermin, and vandalism. Even with the reduced weight of newer products, you’ll need a direct-drive motor for larger polycarbonate roller shutters.

Maybe you’ll select the full metal link roller grille instead. As mentioned earlier, these are often selected for protecting stock display areas because they are rugged yet allow good visibility. One of the major benefits of working with an industry leader is the access that you have to PVC link grilles, polycarbonate roller shutters, and full metal link grilles as well as sun-shade solutions and steel trellis security doors. Why not call today to talk with a representative about your specific requirements?