If you’re looking for someone to install or maintain a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, it’s likely that you’ll want someone with experience in the field, and who can do the job at a competitive price, but there are other factors to consider.

Think Local

While there are national businesses offering HVAC installation services, you may be better off looking for someone local. They will be aware of any peculiarities of the region and also you won’t be paying for travel costs.

Try talking to other businesses in your area and find out who did their installations or looks after their systems. Personal recommendations are always better that picking someone out of the phone book or off the internet. You also want to ensure your HVAC installation service provider has experience of hardware from all of the main system manufacturers. Again, it may be worth looking for recommendations from people with similar hardware installed.

When it comes to servicing and repairs, having a company with engineers located locally is an advantage too. They’ll be able to get to you faster, which means less downtime.

Full Service

If you’re installing a new system, you need a supplier who can handle the whole process for you and make the job stress free. This includes planning and designing the system as well as managing the project and ensuring that the installation is done with minimal disruption and to the appropriate industry standards. You should ensure that the company you use has the appropriate certifications such as F-Gas approval and that they’re registered with the Environment Agency. Ideally, you should look for someone who is ISO9001 accredited too. Make sure that any work you have done comes with the reassurance of a guarantee.

Where work needs to be carried out in a specialist environment such as a data centre, a studio or a laboratory, you need to look for a supplier who has experience of the particular requirements of these areas and can carry out the work appropriately.

All of this applies equally to repairs and servicing. You need someone who is familiar with your type of system and who can obtain spares, if needed, without delay. Again, you want to ensure that the service causes minimal disruption and this may include carrying out jobs outside of working hours if appropriate.

A regular service and preventive maintenance regime will help keep your HVAC system in peak working order, maximising its energy efficiency and reducing the risk of breakdowns occurring when you need the system most.

Having a fully functioning, properly maintained and installed HVAC system is something that many people take for granted. If the service provider is doing the job correctly, that’s exactly the way it should be. Which is why if you’re looking for a company to do the work, it’s worth taking the time to ensure that they can do the job to a high standard and leave you to concentrate on your core business.