In the legal system of any country, a criminal defense attorney plays a pivotal role in protecting the rights of the people from diverse backgrounds who the law enforcement authorities accuse of committing felonies in accordance with the Constitution. In general, the public view such legal practitioners with contempt especially when they succeed in acquitting their clients in heinous crimes. However, it is important for any person standing trial in the court of law to have proper legal representation to plea his/her innocence in any criminal offense or misdemeanor. This is to ensure that he/she get a free and fair trial until it possible to prove beyond reasonable doubt that individual standing in the docks is the guilty party.

Michael J Donohue, is a prominent lawyer from Allentown, Pennsylvania in the United States.  He has valuable years of experience as a defense attorney in safeguarding the constitutional rights of his clients in court and proving beyond any reasonable doubt that they were innocent of any criminal wrongdoing. His clients says that in any legal case that Mr. Donohue takes up, he makes it a point to thoroughly research and scrutinize every minute detail from reviewing relevant documents to interviewing witnesses. The proficient experts from Michael Donohue Lawyer firm say it imperative for any practitioner in the field of criminal justice to have a strong defense strategy when it comes to safeguarding innocent people from prosecution. For this, such an individual need to have the following traits:

  1. Integrity

Any individual who aspires to be a competent defense attorney needs to be straightforward, truthfully and sincere with their clients about the progress of the criminal proceedings against them and the outcome of their case.

  1. Research Skills

A proficient criminal defense attorney must leave no stone unturned when it come to conducting a thorough research into the relevant facts of his/her client’s case. This is implies reviewing significant documents relating the legal case, analyzing its evidence and circumstances surrounding events leading up to the felony in order to prove his/her client’s innocence.

  1. Analytical Skills

A legal practitioner acting a defense attorney for his/her clients needs to make prompt judgments in case of any discrepancies in the statement of the people standing in the witness box. For this, such an individual needs to have a high level of intelligence and a razor-sharp mind. He/she needs to be constantly thinking and analyzing while conducting negotiation for settlements, challenging the arguments of the prosecution or making statements to the jury.

  1. Knowledge

A proficient defense attorney needs to have a thorough and in-depth understanding of the details of the law pertaining to the criminal justice system and courtroom proceedings. He/she must also be aware of the personalities and mannerism of the eminent judges presiding over the hearing of his/her lawsuit.

  1. Communication Skills

A proficient and experienced defense attorney needs to be an excellent communicator within and out of the courtroom. Moreover, his skills in written communications also have to be of the highest quality that he/she reveals while drawing up relevant legal documents.

The legal specialists at Michael Donohue Lawyer firm say that the above qualities puts a competent defense attorney is a separate podium.