When one is looking to get into shape there are a lot of simple exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere that can help.  These exercises can be done without the need of any type of equipment and can be comfortably performed even when fully dressed normally. These exercises allow a person to either get into shape easily or stay in shape even when they have a busy day filled with tight schedules. Chief among these exercises is that old standby the push-up, and that’s for a good reason.  There are many health benefits of doing a push-up. Let’s look at this simple but powerful exercise which dates back to ancient times and see why it is still go-to for those who want to grab a few minutes of fitness when they can.

Push Ups: The Many Health Benefits Of One Of The Oldest & Most Basic Exercises

We have all seen movies and television shows featuring military and law enforcement cadets, dressed in service uniforms and boots, fitness clothing, or even in their underwear or less, doing push-ups constantly at the behest of their commanders.  We have seen scenes of executives, athletes, prisoners and more doing push-ups anytime they wanted to get a quick workout in or wanted to feel refreshed and energized.  There is a reason why the push-up has long been the go-to base exercise for anyone and everyone.

The push up is at its core so simple, but it is also one of the most effective exercises around.  There is no need for equipment, there is no need to be dressed a certain way, and you can latterly do it anywhere, anytime, even outside.  All you need is a relatively flat, stable surface and yourself.  The deceptively simple nature of this exercise, however, hides the fact that when doing a push up you are exercising most of the major muscle groups in the body as well as increasing your cardio rate.

A push up puts to work the muscles of the chest, the shoulders and the arms of course, but many do not realize that it also puts to work the muscles of the neck, the back, the abs, and to a lesser degree the legs and feet. The use of your own body weight as the resistance allows you to get natural benefits of every movement that is made.  By keeping the legs straight and firm, a push up also provides additional benefits to the back, the rear of the legs and the glutes in the form of isokinetic resistance.  This is the same benefit that is reaped by the belly and the lower abs.

When doing a push-up, the body is forced to expel energy in a wide variety of forms all at once, this naturally increased the cardio rate of the body as well as its temperature which translates to an increased metabolic reaction.  In this way, a push-up is seen as the most complete and well-rounded simple exercise that can be done.

Doing pushups gets your blood pumping, and can make you feel refreshed and invigorated.  It’s a great way to stave off the after-lunch lethargy that many sedentary workers suffer from, and can give you an extra boost in the evening after a long day, or help get you going in the morning.

The many benefits of doing a push up are clear.  Taking a few minutes to do 10-20 push-ups a couple of times a day can give you a myriad of health benefits that you just can’t find in any other exercise.  It’s been the primary means of basic fitness for thousands of years and it’s easy to see why it will be for a long time to come.

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