A lot of renowned sports personalities, including golfer Tiger Woods and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal have undergone platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatment. These days, this unconventional treatment approach is steadily becoming popular all over the world, including London. The treatment proves to be effective to cure a wide range of medical conditions, including sprained knees and chronic tendon injury. The range of conditions that the therapy has healed is conventionally cured by medication and surgery.

Considering the steadily rising popularity of this modern treatment approach, it is natural to understand that it provides greater benefits than the traditional ways in curing those problems. But before anything else, it is important to have a brief introduction about it at this stage.

Treatment of PRP

Popularity of PRP treatment in London – to put it simply – is just skyrocketing. The treatment procedure includes extracting a small quantity of patient’s blood and rotating it in a centrifuge till the platelets are separated from the red blood cells (RBC).  In the next step, the concentrated platelet is re-injected into the problem area of the patient’s body.  The concentrated platelets which are re-injected, release growth factors, which initiate and fuel the healing process.

However, effective healing is usually noticed within a few weeks of a patient undergoing the therapy. Perhaps, it is needless to mention here that PRP contains a much higher concentration of plasma as compared to normal blood. PRP is composed of hormones, minerals, proteins, immunoglobulin, and the blood clotting factors, just like normal plasma present in the body fluid.

In-sync with Natural Healing Process

Introduction of PRP in London has provided an acceptable alternative to clinical surgeries. As such, extensive research is presently undergoing to unravel the style of functioning this treatment follows. It has been observed from both ultra sonography (USG) and MRI images that the therapy facilitates tissue repairing and overall healing to an injured area.

Human body has the amazing ability to heal itself. Whenever, one suffers from a soft tissue injury, the body automatically delivers large quantity of platelets to the affected area to initiate natural healing.  PRP treatment is thoroughly based on this natural mechanism and is free from any unwanted side-effect.

This revolutionizing therapy is found to be more effective to resolve medical conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee, injuries sustained in the hip, spine, shoulder and rotatory cuff muscles. It also provides impressive result in treating pelvic pain, ankle sprain, tennis elbow, tendonitis and back and neck injuries.

Administering the Procedure

The unique treatment procedure approximately takes about 20 minutes to half-an-hour to get completed. Initially, about 30 ml of blood is collected from a patient’s body and placed in a centrifuge. As the platelet-rich plasma gets separated from the other components of the body fluid, the concentrated mass is then injected back into the patient’s body at location of the wound. These concentrated platelets then act as the reservoir for growth factors that actually facilitate the healing.

Medical experts who provide PRP therapy London opine that the growth factors fuel the process of collagen production, which contributes to proliferation of the tendon stem cells, protein expression and tenacity-related gene. Moreover, they also enhance the blood flow as well as make the cartilage more firm and stretchy. Plasma-rich platelets also activate the tenacities to fast breed collagen to repair ligaments, injured tendons, muscles and cartilages.

The unique treatment procedure is expected to cure a lot of medical problems, including brain cancer. It is also found to be helpful to resolve the cosmetic problem of hair loss.  It is always advisable to consult an experienced physician before availing this unconventional yet unbelievably effective clinical therapy.