Think of the world where there is no sound, no chirping of birds, not your favorite music even not the chaos of your busy city. Indeed, it is hard to imagine the world like that. And you can be sure to go through the same experience if there is no soundtrack in the movie you are watching or in the song you are listening. That’s why the significance of soundtrack is unlimited to make our world more exciting and enthralling.

Proper Application of Soundtracks Is Sure To Fill You Up With Liveliness

Origin of Soundtrack

The history behind the invention of soundtrack dates back to the late 1940s with the publication of ‘soundtrack album’. But at the earlier times, the terminology soundtrack was used to denote the audio recording at the time of film production or post-production. The music, sound effects, and dialogues had separate tracks for each and they were all mixed together to form a ‘composite track’. The dubbing tracks were used when a movie was dubbed in another language. And at the present time, the word soundtrack literally means the music that is synchronized to the images of a television show, motion pictures, or video game. So, it will be right to say that without perfect soundtracks, your favorite television show or movie would not be able to become your favorite one.

Types of Soundtrack

Basically, there are three types of soundtrack according to the way of recording such as

  • Musical Film soundtrack that concentrates basically on the songs (Example, Grease of 1977, Singin’ in the rain of 1952, When Harry Met Sally… of 1989)

  • Soundtrack for musical albums

  • Film scores which display the background music from non-musical materials (Example, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars)

  • Albums which contain both music and dialogue from the film (Example, The Wizard of Oz that was the first authentic soundtrack album or Romeo and Juliet of 1968)

  • Soundtrack for video games

These sound tracks are often released after the game gets released. The soundtrack varies depending upon the game’s levels, promo materials, menus and other issues.

Some Popular Soundtracks of Recent Dates

Here is the list of some popular sound tracks of few movies of recent dates that has won everyone’s heart for the unique composition.

June 17, 2016

  • Finding Dory- Thomas Newman (Walt Disney Records)

  • Central Intelligence- Theodore Shapiro and Ludwig Goransson (Lakeshore Records)

June 24, 2016

  • Hunt for the Wilder people- Moniker (The Orchard)

  • The Free State of Jones- Nicholas Britell (Sony masterworks)

  • Swiss Army Man- Andy Hull and Robert McDowell (Lakeshore Records)

  • Independence Day: Resurgence- Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander (Sony Classical)

This list consists only the latest films with the excellent soundtrack of USA but the option is unlimited to you if you are fond of enjoying excellent music.

Get Clearer Idea About Sound Tracks:

If you are going to record your own song or develop a new game, it is quite important to have proper knowledge on the application of soundtrack. And you can serve the purpose quite easily by going through music blog that is already present on the web. These blogs will help to get a clearer idea about how a soundtrack can be arranged and thus, serving your purpose in a more efficiently.