Professionalism is a very strong word which is expected in every type of job and discipline. All the professionals are expected to exhibit their competence to the job and should behave in a proper manner as expected in the particular profession. In nursing too, professionalism is one of the most important traits that the people of this discipline should display.

Gloria Pedruco, one of the most experienced nursing practitioners tells that the professionalism in the nursing began since the days of Florence Nightingale who has set high bars of excellence with her commitment towards the profession. As a nurse, every person bears tremendous responsibility to maintain those values set by the ‘lady with the lamp’. This is one of the rarest professions where the core values of the job remains the same around the world. The main duty of the nurse is to help the people who are suffering. They work to mitigate the suffering and troubles and ensure to improve the quality of life. As in this profession the nurses are expected to deal with the patients directly, their every step and method of work gets judged. Hence, in this discipline professionalism includes the traits of attitude, appearance and obviously the willingness to help others.

Professionalism In Nursing- What Does It Really Mean


Attitude forms one of the most important part of the professionalism. How a nurse views the whole world and others influences considerably their own attitude. The primary focus should remain on helping others rather than contemplating about own issues. Everyday, a nurse meets countless patients who are suffering from various forms of illness some of which are terminal. At the same time, many patients gets discharged withe happy faces after getting fit. Hence, a nurse faces depressing as well as heartwarming situations every day. But they are required to maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.


A nurse is known to maintain a neat and tidy appearance every time. Every patient associate a nurse will come with clean scrubs, neat hair with a completely well groomed look. A sloppy look may be perceived by them as unorganized and uncaring person. Hence, every nurse should be very attentive to their look and appearance. The appearance forms an integral part of the professionalism as a clean and well groomed look will help the patients to understand that a nurse really care.


A nurse may be required to perform other non-clinical duties along with the usual ones. But it is important to show the willingness to help in every such situation. The professional requires solidarity which translates as willingness to help others. It is necessary to show compassion while assisting the patients who are themselves troubled with their physical problems. But to sustain and to become successful like Gloria Pedruco, every person needs to present their best foot forward.

Hence, all the people who are aspiring to become a nurse must need to exhibit professionalism. They should remember these three aspects which come under professionalism. Overall, this is an wonderful professionalism as it always feels nice to serve other people.