Pro Car Detailing Tips For The DIY Detailer

Car detailing is all about the surface of your vehicle which you need to think about as you would your face. Like your face it has to be taken care of properly in order for it to grow healthy. Thanks to some of the latest products coupled with these expert tips it’s much easier to detail your vehicle than ever before. Then there is also the fact that auto paint has been greatly improved from the old days of lacquer covered with traditional carnauba paste.

Plus once you are done your paint will last and shine for a longer period of time. This means that all your old cans of traditional rubbing compounds can be tossed out along with piles of newsprint and leather chamois. These can be easily replaced with microfiber cloth, paint cleaning clay, chemical paint cleaners and aloe leather healing fluid. If this is your first time detailing or doing it yourself you’re strongly advised to proceed with caution.

When should you visit a pro?

Generally you should see a car detailing pro if the scratches on your car have gone right down to the metal. The reason being that the only way this can be fixed is to use sanding and good filling in the scratches. Pros know how to blend the fix with all the surrounding paint but it’s something that requires experience. Your local car club should be able to help you locate a pro in your city.

Start with some compressed air and use a stiff scrub brush on the carpets inside

Compressed air is one of the best ways to blow away dirt from all the nook and crannies of a car’s floor, carpet and everywhere a vacuum cannot reach. A stiff brush works best to loosen any dirt from the upholstery and carpets. However, if you have leather seats you would be better off using aloe with conditioner.

Clean the duct in order to retain that claimed “new car smell”

Using compressed air either from a machine or portable compressor is the best way to blow dirt from the cooling i.e. air conditioning and heating ducts. The trick here is to aim the air pressure directly at the walls of these ducts right behind the vent grilles because this is where all the dirt sticks and causes musty smells as a consequence. If your vehicle has a cabin air filter make sure to change it or probably remove it and blow some air into it so that it’s rid of dust.

Use non-acidic tire cleaners

Car detailing will often use a mixture of special acid solutions to clean a car’s dirty tires as well as to strip any residue from otherwise new tires. It also helps to remove stubborn break dust from the wheels. However, weekend DIYers are advised against using acidic cleaners. The reason being that if not used correctly acid based cleaners will cause the bare alloy rims or wheels to pit and oxidize, they will also damage wheels that have been painted with color or those that have clear coatings.

A degreaser can be used on the wheels but detergents should be avoided since they can damage your vehicle’s paint if accidentally splashed. Also, pros strongly advise that people go about detailing their vehicles by using the right order i.e. clean the tires and wheels first prior to other parts of the car.

The best way to wash your car is by hand wash

Professional car detailers have always advised and used hand wash. The reason being that hand washing gives people the opportunity to feel the shape and spot problem areas during washing.

So, it’s an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s surface. However, unlike 60% percent of the people out there don’t use over the counter dishwashing detergent to wash your car because it may clean the car but it also strips away the protective wax coating which exposes the car to possible stains, scratches and nicks. So, use car wash liquids that will preserve the finish of your car.

After you are done washing don’t let the water evaporate because it will leave behind dirt and minerals. The experts at Supreme Mobile Car Detailing Services advise that people dry the surface using a good rubber blade. A large squeegee or microfiber cloth is the best way to dry your car without leaving anything behind.


Mark is one of the leading experts on professional car detailing in Australia. He has been detailing cars and learning new techniques since he was a child. Today he runs one of the most successful car detailing centers in Australia. He also writes extensively about what he describes as his passion.

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