The security of your home and all of your possessions is a constant issue on the minds of everybody. Everyone wants to be able to live safely without the worry of crime and theft affecting their lives. Wherever your live, be it in a house or an apartment, everyone has the basic security item; the door lock.

If you have been living in an accommodation for a lengthy period of time, you might have at one point or another, changed the lock or locks on your door. If you haven’t, you should. Locksmiths suggest changing your locks between every 5-10 years in order to keep the security of your home at a high level. Locks aren’t invincible to damage. They can be susceptible to rust leading to the lock’s mechanism becoming stiff and possibly difficult to open.

So changing locks is always a good thing to do every so often but there are different aspects to consider when you want to do this. This article will show you some of those options.  When wanting new locks installed there are two options you can choose; Choose locksmith services or buy a lock and install it yourself. You will read the pros and cons of each option.


Installing locks yourself is not a bad option if you know what you are doing. It can also be cost efficient. The prices of locks can vary from as little as $10 to the high-end price of $200. So the price of the lock can be the only thing you spend money on. However, you must check to see if you have the right tools for the job, if not, you will have to buy them too.

The cost of this might be cheaper in money but it could cost you in time. Remember, you will have to research and choose what brand of lock and what kind of lock you would like to buy.

For example, a Grade 1 deadbolt will have a higher price than a deadbolt in the Grade 2 or Grade 3 categories so, you will have to spend time looking in hardware stores or browsing the internet to find the lock you would like. Installing a lock for the safety of your home shouldn’t be rushed and if this is your first time doing this, you should double check every step of the instructions as you go. The chances of making errors in the installation are high if you are not accustomed to doing this. Prices for locks increase also by what function they are performing. A lock for the interior of a building is generally less expensive than a lock designed to be used on the exterior.

Professional Installation

Having a professional locksmith travel to your house to install locks maybe more expensive than a DIY installation but it could be worth the cost. The average starting cost of hiring a locksmith is around $35. If you have already bought the locks you want to replace the old ones, then that will save on the cost.  The cost can increase due to the complexity of the locks you want installed (As mentioned above with the grading of the lock). It might cost more money but it will save you time and effort. Also, you have peace of mind knowing that your locks were indeed fitted by a professional and have no doubts in which you may have if you installed them yourself.

There is no wrong choice between these two options. It’s what you think is the best option to protect you home and your valuables.      

F. Aldea is an Online Marketing communications consultant and blog author who loves to explore the newest trends in business, technological know-how and marketing techniques and creates about a variety of stories.