Preventing Birds Hitting Windows With Several Measures

Preventing Birds Hitting Windows With Several Measures

Modern civilization has given the world many things, but it has also done a lot of harm to the nature and environment. While cities and industries began to be built, it also urged men to cut down forests and trees. This means that the trees, the very homes of birds and animals were destroyed. So, these wild animals and birds had nowhere to go. Sadly, this happened worldwide and not until various animals began to die and their numbers started falling, did a few concerned environmentalists started panicking.

The damage was done but still every day more and more such damages began to be done and even now, many birds are becoming vulnerable or susceptible to extinction. Birds not just in Americas but across the world are either getting no food source and are dying a sad death. Otherwise, many of the birds hitting windows and windmills are also meeting their end.

Other Threats the Birds Face:

Birds that fly get confused when they fly towards buildings and if there are shiny glass facades or windows, then these little birds might drop stunned or even die when they fall from a great height. The number of deaths of birds hitting windowsis very high and this is indeed alarming for anyone.

Similarly, turbines generating wind power are also known for killing birds in great numbers. These birds get drawn to the windmills and they drop down on getting hit on the blades of the windmills.

Invasive birds or animals that are known for having a natural hatred against a bird would not know that these birds are rare. But the number of birds dying due to these invasive animals is also equally alarming.

Ways to Protect Birds:

Nature is very safe for these animals and birds and every bird however, small it is, can easily and only survive best when left in its habitat.

The speed at which Ruby throated hummingbirds or other such small birds fly is very high, and at that velocity, they bang on these glass windows. This is why it is suggested that the state legislatives should lay down rules that such buildings or glass windows should not be made that would cause the deaths of these birds.

Whether it is white-throated sparrows, wood thrush or even ruby throated hummingbird, everyone has to do their best to ensure that these birds do not die by hitting against windows.

These days to prevent birds hitting windows, there are few safer options of not having standard window glasses .There are non-reflective surfaces of glasses available or curtains that would not be as reflective or glaring for these little birds.

More Efforts to Save the Birds:

Simple love for the birds is one of the prerogatives to ensure that these little ones lead a safe life. They also deserve a place in this world as much as any human. With this thought in mind, there are few reputed organizations that work really hard to protect these birds.

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