We somehow have decided that attending a prestigious school will result in being successful. Recent studies proves otherwise. Even though education is important and you will probably find better education at these institutes, there still is no guarantee. It is also said that education merely contributes a percentage to the success of the individual. If you were not able to attend one of these top schools, does that automatically mean that you will not become as successful? At the end of the day, it is up to the individual to determine the level of success reached.

In order for you to thrive in the economy these days, you have to acquire the necessary skills that are lacking in the market right now. Doing your capstone accounting might not be the window to a better income. Let’s say you and another individual have the same educational background, but the one earns significantly more than the other. This might come down to the firms you and the other person works for. It does not necessarily mean that the higher earning one is more educated or made smarter choices.

There are more factors that are involved in someone’s success story. If one person is raised in a stable home where regular meals are serves daily, the success levels might be a little higher. On the other side, if someone else lives in circumstances where food is not readily available, it might become more challenging to achieve the same results on accounting projects for high school. This is only an example, but the external factors of students play an important role in their journey to success.

Prestigious Education Doesn't Guarantee Future Good Income

Instead of teaching students to become successful and leave their bad lives behind, we should help teach them to create solutions for the future. If someone comes from a bad community, it will always be a part of who they are. If they are able to work on creating better circumstances for those in the community, there is a better chance of success.

This is why the geographical area that the student comes from has a direct effect on the outcome of their success. It is not to say that the child from a poor community does worse than the child in an affluent suburb. There might just be more opportunities available to the student living in a better area. The education system needs to be improved, but it does not mean that better education guarantees a higher income. If you are correctly located, even if you did not go to a prestigious school, you can still earn a high salary.

Prestigious Education Doesn't Guarantee Future Good Income

The work you put into your accounting capstone project is not going determine your income. The economy is suffering right now, but there are still a lot of high-earning individuals. It might have nothing to do with their educational success. Some people do just get lucky in life, but there are so many factors to consider when it comes to each individual’s circumstances.

This should serve as motivation to those who were rejected from attending prestigious schools, colleges or universities. It simply does not guarantee success and you can achieve the same success without. In fact, there are many individuals achieving success without a formal education. Life has no guarantees, but you can create the life you want with your own set of skills.