Prepare Yourself For These College Interview Questions

Prepare Yourself For These College Interview Questions

Most college admissions process includes an interview session. It can be pretty nerve-wracking to many. Having to prepare and face a total stranger and speak about yourself and why you are the right fit for the college.

To many, this might be their first-time interview experience which may add to the anxiety. However, through preparation and relaxation, the interview will be smoother than you expected. You can go through some of the commonиinterview questions as you look for essay writing Ireland  help.

Common College Interview Questions

Tell Me about Yourself

While having to describe yourself to a stranger in an informal setting can come easy; knowing that what you say will determine whether you are accepted or not, can add pressure to an individual. It is a broad question and here is your chance to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

You want the recruiter to remember you. Speak about your interests, hobbies, passions. Be specific using examples. Avoid using vague descriptions, e.g., I am a fast learner. Instead, demonstrate how you were able to adapt to a new environment.

Why do you specifically want to attend this school?

You need to research the school to ace this question. It is designed to test the genuineness of your interest in the college. You need to give specific examples why you chose the particular university over other options available to you.

Is it that they offer a specific academic program that fascinates you, or that you are keen on joining their extracurricular activities program in addition to your studies? Don’t use vague responses.

What will you contribute to the school?

It is now time to identify the goals that you want to reach on campus. Avoid generic answers and give the recruiter specifics. Maybe you would like to lead a particular extracurricular program. Or it could be that you would want to initiate a community service project.

It is a way to access the difference you would make to the college’s community and academic life. The recruiter is looking for individuals who would make the school better.

What do you do in your free time for fun?

The recruiter wants to understand your personality and interests, better. You may be tempted to give academic activities as examples, say, writing my essay. However, the actions that you mention should be believable.

Yes, it should be something fun and intellectual at the same time. It’s the time to show that you are an all-around individual. Be honest in your response.

What is your favorite book?

This question may be rephrased to refer to any recent newspaper article that you read. As you answer, don’t just mention the title of the book or article and the author’s name. It is a chance to talk more about yourself, interests and personality.

Demonstrate to the interviewer how the story relates to you. Did it change your perspective on an issue or did it inspire you? Apply critical skills in the response. Show the recruiter why the book has a special meaning for you.

If it was a reading assignment, don’t mention that it was one.


It is common for anxiety to creep in as you prepare for a college interview, knowing that the status of your admission lies on it. To ensure that you put your best foot forward during the meeting, prepare for it using the above sample questions.

They may not be phrased as outlined above. Try and relax, be honest and specific in your answers just as you would in write my assignment. And most importantly, believe in yourself.

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