Precision machining produces everyday objects including large and small in huge numbers. Each complicated piece which makes up an object requires more experienced mechanism skills. Precision Machining is a process which involves in a process to remove bits and pieces on the surface of work piece while withstanding finishes of the object. There are many types of precision machining like- turning machining, electrical discharge machining and milling machining. Along with this there is advanced precision machining which is performed by EDM machine. EDM machine, when used on hard metals those are electrically conductive; because, these metals are impossible to machine with old methods like grinder or mill.

Current precision machining and manufacturing is generally controlled using a Computer Numerical Controls or CNC. Precision machining adds many parts and pieces from space shuttle pencils. Most of the precision products use precision machining as other materials including wood and plastic. Trained mechanists and specialists operate these precision machines.

Precision Manufacturing and Precision Machining

The work of precision machining is cutting tool that do away with leftover material on the work piece material. This process of cutting should be moved in directions to do precise cut. A tool or machine requires harmonizing by a precision mechanist after getting worn down.

Precision machining is required in most of the industries like – production of aircraft aluminum alloys, custom automotive tools, surgical bone drilling devices and so on. In simple, if an object is made of parts, precision machining is required.

Precision machining when done in high superiority needs to follow unique blueprints made by computer aided design or CAD or computer aided manufacturing or CAM. But, most of the precision machining companies still work with hand drawn sketches during preliminary phases of the design. Precision machining is can be done on many number of materials like bronze, graphite, steel, plastics, glass and many more. Various precision machining tools are used on different materials to be used.

Depending upon the materials, precision machining tools like- combination of lathes, drill presses, milling machines, grinders, saws and high velocity robotics are also used. High velocity machining is used in aerospace industry, photo chemical etching and milling processes are used by wood work tool making industry. These precision machines are able to manufacture from hundreds to thousands of tools within short span of time. Precision machining is controlled by computer numerical control systems and needs to be programmed every now and then. Computer numerical control programming devices allows for accurate dimensions to be followed throughout shortage of product.

Precision manufacturing is knows as, the manufacture of single pieces with intense correction of producing product. Precision manufacturing is used to make spare parts for several machines such as- aeronautical, medical, and many more industries which require same parts as the original one and that too in larger quantities. Precision machines create a highly precise movement and reduce the dispersion of the functional product. They also improve quality control through higher machine accuracy capabilities. Precision machining enables the design safety factor to be lowered and extend the life span to reduce the initial and running cost.