Points To Remember Before Taking The Services Of A Collocation Hosting Provider?

Points To Remember Before Taking The Services Of A Collocation Hosting Provider?

In the recent years, you may have seen that organizations are increasingly taking the services of collocation centres. They prefer to outsource their data centre operations instead of maintaining their in-house doctor data centres. The main objective behind this trend is to minimize the capital investment which a centre may require. These companies don’t have to invest a big amount of money in building and purchasing the necessary equipments. They also need to hire professionals to ensure the successful functioning of the data Centre operations. If you are planning to take the services of a collocation Indonesiahosting provider, then the following points will guide you in the process of selecting a suitable company.


When researching about the collocation services, keep in mind that you are searching for a company to take care of your hardware. It becomes imperative on your part to find out how much space do you require as most of the collocation service providers charge you on the basis of a cabinet. They may apply their charges on the basis of a cabinet or per square foot of the caged area they are providing. Some companies offer you to install your cabinets whereas, some provide their own.

Before taking the services you must ensure that the service provider is working as per your specific requirements. Many collocation centres support the cabinets to a certain extent. This may bring problems for you if you are a big enterprise and installed heavy cabinets.

The amount of power and cooling requirement will surely affect the price and the space you require. That is why it is advised to estimate according to your equipments and find out how much power your equipment will consume under controlled conditions as well as at peak time?

Maintenance and Support

Collocation service providers offer different types of services to their customers. This is good to do your homework before taking their service. You have to carefully examine the overall security, access procedure and the support options this company is offering. Remember that all the collocation service providers offer 24 x7 support services to their customers.

You should make it clear whether, you are going to handle the installation and support of your equipments or you will hire the services of a third party. And in case of involvement of third-party make sure that they can get the access to your equipment at any time they need. They need proper authorization in this regard to ensure the smooth running of your equipments. This is essential to make this arrangement at the very start. It will prove its importance, especially when your collocation site is placed at a distant location from your office.

Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing an agreement. You must perform a proper evaluation of collocation Indonesia service provider and remediation it offers in case you face an issue. If you consider the above mentioned points, then surely you will get the most reliable and excellent service provider in your area.

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