Beautiful thoughts must be coming to your mind after buying a 1BHK apartment in Jaipur. Of course, you must be thinking of beautifying your new home. Like everyone, you must be dreaming of a luxurious house with a brilliant decor in each of your rooms. Does it sound like a dream come true for you? It is true that a palatial apartment with a wonderful decor may seem a fantastic dream for many. So, to keep things simple yet smart and beautiful you must note down the useful home decor tips.

Pocket- friendly Home Decor Tips To Style 1BHK Apartments In Jaipur

When you have bought a 1BHK apartment in Jaipur, you must be worried about the rooms as they are less spacious and you may lack sufficient home decor ideas for it. It has been observed that space is always a major constraint in urban areas and so things need to be balanced accordingly. No wonder, you might feel that decorating a 1BHK apartment is a challenge. However, to be honest, it is not impossible as long as you believe in the famous three Mantras – Real, Simple and Practical. Here below are some of the simplest home decor tricks for you to add flair to your home.

Decorate the Walls with Lighter Shades

How about light colours for your home? To specify, if you choose darker shades for the walls, your rooms will look confined and dull. Paint with lighter shades and see how spacious your rooms look.

Use Lighter Hue Curtains to Glimpse the Magic

Use lighter hues and vertical stripes for curtains and see the magic. This will add height to the smaller, less spacious rooms of your new 1BHK apartment in Jaipur. Make these curtains more beautiful with trendy clutches, rings and tiebacks.

Use Lighter Furniture

If you are fond of bulky wooden furniture then it is high time you get rid of them. Get yourself the lighter furniture made with wrought or wicker iron. Why not buy the taller furniture pieces or may be the ones with multiple storage options and utility? Go for beds with hidden chest drawers, sofa cum beds, multi storage cabinets, wall study tables/dining tables, etc.

For your living room, try out something different other than the obvious sofa set. Place a bright coloured rug, beanbag or mattress. Use cushions there for a comfortable and relaxed floor sitting.

Make Use of Space

Find some intelligent, smart and innovative solutions to add some space to your 1BHK apartment in Jaipur.  The best way to arrange for some space will be to go vertical. This means to make use of the inconspicuous space in between the floor and the ceiling and the empty space on the walls.

  • Make a shelf/cabinet on the wall to arrange your favourite books there.
  • In order to keep your knick-knacks, arrange for a bamboo basket or an attractive container right on the refrigerator.
  • Use a smart foldable laundry bag for your 1BHK
  • A wall-mounted television will also be a good idea to save the space of your room.

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