Luxuriance of the affluent lifestyle demands the rarefied in every aspect of the experience it produces. Serveware took hold the similar importance when it comes to defining the stateliness. The style of presenting the delicacies and showcasing the opulence of regalities in serving the offerings, state the nonpareil culture. The eloquent collection of the classy trays and platters by Address Home demonstrates the perfectly imperial experience. The designs of these artistically crafted unique pieces are inspired by the eclectic richness of the bygone and the contemporary eras. Most eloquent in creating the majestic impact, these serveware pieces are created to address various occasions. High tea gathering, a casual tete a tete or a rendezvous, Address Home collection of classy platters and trays has a transcendent piece for each. The service trays online shopping India becomes exemplary with the Address Home experience.

Platters For A High Tea Gathering

Ornamental Occasions with Winsome Service:

Outstanding platters with the contemporary edged designs always impact the admiring eyes. A fine amalgamation of utility, eloquence and an unmatched craftsmanship depicts your taste and warmth for sheer perfection in the majesty of life. The strikingly unconventional quirky plate demonstrating a fresh take on India’s colorful smiling truck reckoning the famous Kitsch print; metaphors your hosted casual gatherings in a very radiant way. A redefined luxury on a platter featuring the Nizam of Hyderabad’s fabled collection portraying a kalgi set in rubies & emeralds and a faint architectural pattern as the base to it, using the melange of printing techniques on a fine quality bone china; gives a complete ornamental feel to your status conventions. The appeal of the bygone era and the heritage of the similar majesty ensure the admiration from the rarified well-heeled. Buy platters online from Address home and give a new statement to the stateliness.

Designs that Impact Affluence:

The motifs and patterns designed on the platters and trays are not mere prints but the epitome of the regal eon so magnificent, they embellish the monarchical stateliness. Grand inspirations from the bygone era emperor’s eden Qaisar Bagh of Lucknow and depicting the regal jewels, flora & fauna and the royal romance with the nature in its full blossom. These indigenous detailed designs are the signature creations especially crafted to treat the royal gatherings and engagements of the affluents. Another mesmerizer is the imported silver plated glass platter from Turkey designed in the lotus leaf shape with a stunning effect of white and silver that reflects the power in your hosting style. The far famed Moroccan palatial lattice pattern, beautiful laser cut work and an immaculate finish in the fineness of the craftsmanship on the white glass and wood tray complement the Victorian and European taste. The Ottoman empire era design heightened by the champagne and silver wash beneath the glass of the leather and glass tray with the immaculate finish and a fine laser cut work, instills the sense of pride for owning the great and grandeur taste. These spellbinding designs and patterns create an inevitable impact on the guests and demand the instant admiration.

Platters For A High Tea Gathering
An Imperial Display:

Not mere the serve-ware, these stupendously crafted platters and trays make the best centerpiece for the dining. They can further be ornamented with the awesome collection of fine glassware and crockery by Address home that come with the similar majestic magnificent appeal.

Summarizing the above description, buy serving trays online India from Address home and create an apotheosis impact on the affluent personalities in your congress with the elite collection of trays and platters that guarantee to impress the rarest of rare. Compliments assured.

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