You probably have a vision of what your ideal life would be like. The next question to tackle is, how do you make it a reality? Many people have a mental picture of what they would like to achieve, but few have set guidelines on how to get there.

Goal setting motivates one to turn their dreams into reality. You can celebrate the small achievements along the way. And most definitely, you have something to look forward to that energizes you and keeps you focused on your goals.

If you were to draft several personal goal essays, how would you go about it? You have to break down the end goal into small achievable milestones. Here’s how goal setting will help you achieve your dreams:

It helps with prioritizing

Say, you have a personal goals paper to revise for, with a goal to complete, you can break it down and focus on what is relevant to your success. Maybe you have to read a specific chapter of a particular book by a set timeline.

Or it could be that you need to go through the most recent papers on the same, for revision purposes. You have a path set out for you to follow, with setting goals.

You will believe in your dreams

Now that you have set goals and are working towards achieving each milestone, one or a few at a time; each time one hurdle is overcome, it calls for a celebration. Yes, you are a few steps closer to realizing your vision.

It takes the heart and will to keep pushing, to achieve each small goal, at a time.

It helps you in strategizing

No matter how big you dream or how driven you are to achieving something, sitting down and waiting for it to materialize, will not make it come true. You need to plan on how you are going to get to where you want to be. You see yourself in the boardroom, with other colleagues listening to you and more so, with respect.

If you always work at a desk and have never been called to make decisions, find a way to be a part of the decision makers. If you need to pursue an individual course, take up a more engaging position, do it.

Measure your progress

When writing a personal goals essay, you have to work with an outline and timeline. Once you are done with it, it is time to go through it to check whether you have stated what you wanted. The same applies to setting goals, after achieving the small goals, you need to reflect on your progress.

Is this where you wanted to be? Did you give it your best shot or was it just another shoddy job that you survived through, whatever it is, it is essential to measure your progress.

Enjoy the process

The journey towards making your dreams come true maybe tedious, and sometimes you feel like giving up. However, looking back at the milestones you have overcome, will keep you energized to face the next hurdle. Celebrate the little achievements and keep going.


Set SMART goals, i.e., Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Specific. Breakdown the overall vision into small attainable portions as you work your way towards implementing them. Celebrate the progress you make and keep going.