Your dream of your own house has finally come true! This is surely abig excuse for a party with friends. You deserve to celebrate this grand success with your family, friends and relatives. If you have purchased a house through an Indian real estate website, then do let your friends know about this information as it could help them too in making a right decision for the renting house

Here are a few tips to throw a house warming party:

  1. Make a guest list of all the people whom you wish to invite to show your new house. Start working on the invitation cards. Do not forget to invite your close friends, well wishers, family and relatives. At the same time, finalize a list that fits in your budget. Also check for the space of your house and then call for a party. You may also keep 2 to 3 smaller parties for different guests so that everyone is attended to and accommodated well in the space of the house.
  2. Finalize a date of the event. Choose a date where you feel it would be possible for all to make it. It is also important that you choose a date which give you ample of time to plan, shop, arrange and get things done for the party.
  3. It is time to send the invites. Ensure that you inform the people atleast 2 weeks in advance about the event. It is also important that you confirm with them 3 days prior to the party. If this is a formal gathering, you may choose a formal dress code as well. The most important thing to remember is to specify the residential address clearly and properly.
  4. Arrange the food for the guests. The house and food are the two key elements of your party that your guests would remember. Keep your food simple, but delicious. Include starters and drinks if you are expecting close friends and family. Nothing can be as wellas sharing the alcohol on the achievement with your family.
  5. Decoration of the house plays an important role here. Remember, your guests are coming to see your new house and not to judge you in the way you decorate your house. So do not make it like a birthday celebration and rather, keep it the way you want it to be for some time.