A passive life after retirement is very important because there are things that we keep to enjoy later in life and there are places that we wish to go to after retirement. Elder age is quite complicated than we think, we only understand it when we arrive at that age. This is the true thing that is going to happen to everyone. For us, its good to have a plan for that age before the time passes away. So many people seek a better life than they have right now. They save all their life to move to a country or place they wish to be. Though the world has many places for such people, why don’t we have a look at the brilliant shimmering site of Dubai? Jumeirah Village Circle is a place which is located a little away from the busy and populated city. Let’s see what it has for elder people.

Peaceful Environment

Despite being a very modern project, the builders and the government made it sure to give it a graceful look and a peaceful environment. Though there are people who don’t like this kind of places that were not their concern. They targeted the families who need a quiet area having all the facilities of the world.

Malls And Grocery

They have placed super big grocery stores inside the village and they made it possible for people to reach there by walk. This is not true by the way, because this is only fruitful for the people living on the front rows. But the roads are clean and you can take a drive as its very easy to afford a car in U.A.E.


Muslims can say prayers in the mosque and spend an as long time as they want. The mosques are fully air-conditioned and have pure water coming into the taps. They serve free food for the poor in the month of Ramadan.

Green Landscapes And Parks

The parks are very important for elder people. They love to go for walks where there is no traffic and the parks are made for this purpose. JVC apartments have beautifully designed parks with water coolers installed in them.

If you need a life like this after your retirement then there are still many JVC apartments for sale. You can check them and buy them as per your need.