University is the best time in our life. Have you ever thought like that? Of course, it must be always like that. Look. University is that place, where you can be independent. You may go where you want, do what you want, and take your friends with you. Have a free day? Use a car a go to explore city outskirts. It must be positive experience. Nevertheless, the problem starts right now. What university to pick to spend the best time there? Here are few tips to consider when picking a university.

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Let’s start from you

Before you start looking for the best university it is time to stop and think of what you really want. Just ask yourself. It is important to have a realistic view, think of your motivation and what you want to achieve. Consider it:


What grates do you expect to get on the beginning level? This can be a good start point to pick the best learning platform. Think about it.

What do you want from your university?

There are always many reasons why people go to the university. So, it is time to ask yourself what kind of learning environment suits you the most. Thus, do you want to enter the most prestigious educational establishment or it is not important for you? Are you planning to continue your education after the graduation? Answering this and other question you can help yourself to define what university is worth your attention the most.

What career do you want to start?

What do you think of your future career? If you really do, you should pay attention to those universities that can help you in building up a good career in the field you like. How can you do that? Just make a search and find out which university is the most honorable in your profession.

What are your individual characteristics?

Think of what kind of person you are, what characteristics you have. How about your motivation? What makes you do your job in the best and fastest way? If you have scientific mind and ready to work hard, you can try to enter Oxford or Cambridge. If you prefer funny and friendly academic society than preparation level, pick something bright and social you have in your location.

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How to pick the university?

  1. Online Search

There are special web platforms in every country where you can find the list of the most popular local universities and their characteristics. Thus, you can use Ucas in Britain, or even check FB, Twitter, or Snapchat. It is important to close in on what you want and what is worth your attention. There are many student forums where you can put questions and get competent answers.

  1. Course Structure

Learn everything about the university course structure, exams, group and individual works, research basement. It would be great to learn even the reading list of your course. Every small detail means much. You have to spend some time and look through the course structure and materials.

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  1. Visiting Days

What a good chance you have! Every year all universities open their doors to welcome their potential students and parents. This is a chance to learn about the university work first hand. How do you feel? Try to walk around and pay attention to everything that catches your eyes. Check the library, university campus, classes and laboratories. You may plan your visit beforehand. Try to talk to teachers, other students, and visitors like you. Try to share your opinion and ask whatever you want. Who knows, maybe you can find someone or something to change your opinion about the university?

  1. Student Forums

Meet students and ask what they think of their university, rules, teachers and teaching methods. Also, try to learn more about students life out of the university classes. Ask where they used to spend their free time, about their part time job and other useful options that the university usually gets. There is always something you should know!



  1. Location

Check the university location and find out all possible variants you want to live in. How comfortable this location is? How adequate prices are there? What kind of apartments do you prefer? You have time to think.

  1. Teaching Methods and After Classes Activities

Of course, university life goes around the study process. That’s good when you have a comfortable room to live and modern classes to teach in. Teaching methods are also important. After classes activities usually even more interesting for students than classes. So, so what is offered here aside from the teaching plan? Do they have a genius football team or cocktail club? Check this!

Whenever you go, hundreds of the universities are waiting for you. They all seem attractive! You have to make a single effort to pick one. If you are not sure about it yet, try to make search and concentrate on what is really important for you. This must be a good start.