Shopping for ladies foot wear is one of the most pleasurable things one can do. There is something about ladies and footwear that defies description. If one was given a choice between buying ladies slippers versus buying sneakers for men, it doesn’t need a second to guess which one would win!

Slippers for comfort

Stylish though they can be, slippers are made for comfort, you slip your feet out of your shoes and slide them into a pair of slippers and sigh with pleasure when your feet say ‘thank you’.

Picking The Perfect Slippers

Let’s just wallow in the sheer indulgence of shopping for women’s slippers. Basically,buying slippers is easy.You can size them using your regular shoe size, or they come in five basic sizes; small, medium, large, Xtra large, and XXtra large.Because of the ease of sizing slippers, it makes online shopping for them a complete breeze; sites like abof have a wide selection, and you are often spoiled for choice.

Buying slippers online opens up a wide range of choices for you. From everyday comfort wear to stylish pairs you save for special occasion, buy ladies slippers online at trendy fashion stores like abof. While you are at it, you could even buymen’s sneakers online for your significant other!

To the bathroom and beyond

Thankfully, nowadays slippers can be worn both inside and outside (there was a time when it was frowned upon to wear slippers out of the house except to the beach).Women’s slippers come in various materials.There is the ubiquitous and all-purpose rubber slipper which has become quite stylish.These are completely utilitarian and water proof, and are great for the beach as they come in all the colours of the rainbow with embellishments that make them pop.

Comfort which grows

Then you get the leather ones which are suitable for casual wear.Leather is a natural material which gets more comfortable with use and takes the contours of your foot as it ages. Leather slipper can be really elegant and show off the length of your foot, the height of your arch and of course your lovely polished toe nails.Leather slippers can be worn both indoors and outdoors, with all styles of clothing.They are perfect if you have to be on your feet for hours on end and have a lot of running around to do. Blacks, brown and beige are the most popular colour for ladies’ slippers but you get them is all colours and hues and there are many who like to match their slippers to their clothes.

Innovative footwear

Cotton slippers are quite popular,especially to use around the house.They are easy to clean and quite inexpensive too.

Did you know there are microwaveable slippers too! They are excellent for aching feet, and can be heated in the microwave and slipped on to your feet.

There are also massage slippers which have acupressure points and gel in them.Some even have small motors that vibrate and help ease foot pain. These slippers are built in such a way that they not only help with foot pain they also ease back and leg pain that often accompanies foot pain.