Are you bored of spending the weekend in the city? Or maybe you are on the lookout for the perfect spot for your class reunion, a family picnic or a friend’s stag do venue. If you are, why not go out of city limits and camp amidst nature? If you don’t know how to choose the best site for camping out, you need not fret as we have some tips that will help you pick the best campsite there is!

Picking The Best Campsite – Here’s How


Since the site may differ in size, you need to think of the following things before you set up camp:

  • Will I need a large tent?
  • How many tents will be required?
  • Will the space be enough if I am taking a table, chair and other essentials along for camping?

Am I going to light a campfire?

If you are looking to build a campfire, make sure that it is lit away from your tent and other camping gear. Check the site for dry waste or leaves around as it may catch fire faster than you can imagine. Always think about the space that will be available to you on the site along with your gear.


When choosing a site for camping, check how flat the ground is. If the ground is sloped, you might experience blood rushing to your head or chances are that you will go rolling straight to the bottom of the hill. It is not possible that you may always find a flat site, so go ahead with that slight incline and keep your head to the top. The sloped ground will not help if you are planning to have a few drinks as it involves the risk of glasses sliding off the table not to mention you might be a little wobbly yourself. If the weather doesn’t feel right and you foresee rain, look for a site that doesn’t dip otherwise there will be puddles and the water may enter your tent.


If the weather is warm, it is better to choose a site in a shaded area. You should check out the sites for the type trees that grow around it. Be wary of gum trees as they drop branches very notoriously after it rains or when the sun beats down really hard.  Better avoid camping under gum trees for your own safety. So, if you are arriving early in the morning or in the noon, take a note of the site beforehand to avoid running around the place with all your gear.


After choosing a site, the next thing you should do is look around for other amenities at the location. By this we mean, what you would personally want in a campsite. You can check the list given below.

This may not sound that important but, you would be better off knowing that these are there:

  • Water source: If somehow your water supply runs out, you should know how far the water source is located. Whether you will need this while camping?
  • Toilets: You should think about whether there are toilets available at the campsite? How close should you be in case you need one?  
  • Privacy: Is there any type of screening between your site and the next one? Whether you are able to see and hear everything from the neighbour’s camping site?


A blowing wind can be a good thing as it will blow away smoke from the campfire and cool you on a sunny day. But if the winds are too strong, the tent may not hold together, food might get ruined and along with it, your camping experience.

Site conditions

When scouting for a site, better check for anthills at the site! Also look for any rocks, twigs, broken glass or metal pieces that might hurt you or damage your camping gear. You will have to be prepared for certain situations as you can’t eliminate all the factors from a campsite and make some adjustments in case required.

We hope that the above tips help you choose the best camping site. Another thing to bear in mind is to keep your camping site clean by not leaving any waste behind when you clear up.