When you detect some pests in your house, you will directly take action by spraying insecticide or calling a pest control company such as Rove Pest Control. These are good remedies, but they only last for a short time. Therefore, you should identify the root of the problem and do something about it.

Pest Infestation: Reasons Why Pests Thrive In Your Home

Insects usually thrive in places that are favorable to them like gutters which have trash. This article lists down possible reasons why pests thrive in your home.

You accidentally brought one home.

Although it is hard to believe, you might be the one to blame for the pest infestation.  Pests might have gotten inside your clothes, shoes, or shopping bag and have made their way inside your house. For bed bugs, they attach themselves to humans, animals, or pets.

When this happens, don’t blame yourself. You are just unfortunate that these insects attached themselves to your person. Luckily, this does not occur often. Infiltration takes place when insects find a source of nourishment like food inside your pocket or bag. In the case of bed bugs, blood attracts them.

Solution: Make sure to wash your clothing properly to kill insects that have attached themselves to it.

The weather is perfect for them.

Pests, like most living organisms, need protection from the extreme changes in temperature. These creatures are adept at seeking parts of the house where they can be protected from heat and cold. Vermin, such as rats and rodents, usually cause problems in autumn for they start to seek for a warmer shelter in preparation for winter.

Periods of dryness also bring pests to your abode. Most pests, like spiders and cockroaches, need moisture. Drought leaves them seeking for places where there is precipitation. These places are usually houses and buildings.

Solution: Fix leaks and other plumbing problems that might bring moisture. It is also advisable to use a dehumidifier.

Your decorations are great hiding places.

Your home decorations might be the culprit for the infestation. For example, one type of spider likes quiet and dark areas, so they detest people. You can stop this kind of pest from reproducing if you regularly clean up. However, if you hang big paintings and rarely remove them from their places, it is easy for the spider to hide from your sight.

It is not a great idea to use black coverings made of plastic and mulch to stop the growth of weeds in your garden. You can solve your problem with weeds, but they can bring a different kind of problem—pest infestation. Some types of pests find this kind of environment ideal for growth.

Solution: Clean your house regularly. Wipe areas that are covered with framed pictures and paintings.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the different reasons of pest infestation, you can plan how to get rid of them once and for all. The best solutions are those you take even before the infestation has taken place.