In large numbers, birds can go from peaceful creatures to full-blown pests. Some birds can be a real nuisance causing structural damage to homes and buildings. Woodpeckers have been reported to peck at buildings, air conditioners, metal and sidings. Other birds pose health risks and cause disease. Starling droppings cause histoplasmosis. Clearly, some birds are not just to be admired and to grace the environment. Some are a hazard to both homes and health. If a large population of birds moves into your neighborhood, an exterminator has to be called in to drive them away.

Common Bird Problems

Most people consider birds a nuisance and not really harmful pests. In large numbers, though, they pose several health concerns for humans. Ticks, fleas and mites thrive where birds nest and leave their droppings. All these pests associated with large bird populations are known to cause different diseases. Additionally, bird infestations are associated with the contamination of air ducts wherever they are nesting, which if not thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, lead to health problems. If birds are making it into buildings, chances are there could also be a rodent infestation since they may be using the same entry points.

Pest Control Methods for Birds

The easiest way to handle a bird infestation is to call in a professional pest control solution for birds. You may be wondering why one is advised to call in a professional. The answer is because of the law. Some birds are protected by conservation laws and you could get into trouble if you harm them. A professional will be aware of the different laws regarding the handling of different birds and the best methods to use to drive them away.

As a result of this, bird pest control services include bird and nest relocation, bird and nest removal, feces removal, bird exclusion, bird deterrents (using motion sensors, spikes, visual and audio deterrents) and pressure washing and decontamination of the infested area. Additionally, you get services such as property maintenance and air duct cleaning. These facilitate the restoration of a healthy environment once the birds leave and relocate elsewhere.

DIY Bird Pest Control

DIY bird pest control is a moderately effective, preventative approach to bird pest control. Multi-pronged attachments come in a porcupine shape that makes it hard for birds to land on your property. They can be fastened to ledges, eaves and many other areas where you’ve noticed the birds like to congregate. You can also use sticky gel which works perfectly on ledges. Once applied, it prevents the birds from perching on your ledges getting rid of your bird infestation problem. Effective bird control products include bird control spikes, bird nets, scarer and visual materials, scarecrows and dummies, ultrasonic bird control and flash tapes.

No to Inhumane Bird Pest Control

In a bid to instantly get rid of a bird infestation, many opt for crude, inhumane methods that are both cruel and harmful to the birds. Using guns to shoot down the birds is a no-no. The application of poisonous gels, pellets and liquids is also discouraged. The use of fire exterminator is also not recommended. Most of these methods are not only harmful to the birds but are also harmful to humans. Their use may be widespread but are highly discouraged.

If birds have become a nuisance in your locality, it is time to bring in a professional to help you handle them. Pest control solutions for birds prevent infestation, property damage, the spread of disease, costly cleaning of droppings, need to use toxic pesticides and decrease liability associated with their presence.

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