When you come across the term statute of limitations, more that anything else, you would probably wonder about the legal implications that are waiting to come your way. This is especially true if you are relating to this term in context to a personal injury case. Here, any legal entity, be it attorney for personal injury cases or a law firm, would help you understand more about statute of limitations in CA personal injury cases. In laymen terms, statute of limitations refers to the period that follows an accident, post which the legal proceedings have to be brought forth or a lawsuit needs to be filed without wasting any more time.

Personal Injury Cases – Know More About The Statute Of Limitations

In general, the statute of limitations pertaining to CA personal injury cases pertains to 2 years from the date that the accident takes place, and/or when the physical injuries were sustained. The suit has to be filed well within a period of two years from the time the accident takes place; else, the injured plaintiff would be barred from seeking recovery or compensation for the injuries, forever. Do know that the two-year limiting period in CA personal injury cases happens to be a strict deadline that has to be adhered to in all cases, so act accordingly.

Are you wondering why these notice deadlines and statutes of limitation happen are so unforgiving and strict? This is because in personal injury cases, it is important that witness availability in terms of trial is current and available, and the evidence in the said cases is prevented from growing stale.  In theory, after 2 years or more, the essential accident witnesses either die or move away. Also, the memories about the accident fades in the minds of parties’ and witnesses’, or as in most cases, the evidence disappears. By enforcing strict statutes of limitations and notice deadlines, such occurrences can be prevented in the best possible way.

Why is it important to connect to a lawyer?

Once an accident takes place, and injuries are sustained, the filing of a personal injury case becomes a necessity. To aid the cause, it becomes important to gain representation from an attorney or lawyer, from the initiation of the case and through the litigation process in entirety. In most cases, an experienced CA personal injury lawyer would go a long way in avoiding the issues connected with the statute of limitations. He or she will ensure all the necessary steps for safeguarding your rights, and if deemed necessary, will file the relevant suit for protecting the statute and/or the notice duration from expiring. By helping you follow all proper procedures, the personal injury lawyer will help you save a good amount of money and make the entire process much smoother and streamlined.

So, are you ready to resolve your personal injury case at the earliest?

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