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Threats and risks are a part and parcel of one’s life. One need to be strong enough to face them to stay ahead of the crowd. The IoT too has a menace that aces up security factor of a website that has made extensive use of angularjs framework. IoT – Internet of things

Let me walk you through some of the most talked about threats that the angularjs developers can expect in the cyber world.

Retail data threats: The Internet of Things acronym as IoT too has the amalgamation of retail as well as wholesale data. The retail data becomes more vulnerable to security attacks as they are significantly more important and confidential in nature. There are many venomous software that target the innocent people’s login as well as account details and dupe them with false promises. An angularjs web developer should be very careful with such retail websites and applications when it comes to retail websites’s security.

The social media threats: The social media sites are being consumed at an alarming rate to share thoughts, words and ideas. This medium can be a breeding place for all the hackers who are looking out for fruitful ways to get the desired information. While designing social media websites or application by using the angularjs framework, care must be taken to strengthen its security so that innocent people do not fall into the trap of cyber thieves.

Mobile threats: Nowadays smartphones are slowly replacing all the other technologies which were once used to access the internet and carry many other activities that can now be done through the smartphones. Hackers find the smartphones quite tempting as they can find a beautiful of prey all waiting to be trapped.

Banking sector threats: Gone are the days where the robbers would barge into the banks and walk away with all the cash that the bank had carefully been safeguarding. With banks going digital, the robbers have taken on their level of stealing through the online platter. When building the websites and applications using the angularjs frameworks, care should be taken that it is strong enough to withhold the attacks that the hackers would be making.

Final Note:

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