It is not an easy thing to do if you want to take a part-time job while attending classes. You may think that running here and there between work, classes, home tasks, college activities, and friends is absolutely impossible. Nevertheless, millions of students all over the world are able to combine a part-time work with their everyday study. Of course, it would be great to have a car for a working student. If you don’t have a car yet, you may use 14cars help to take a car for rent. This is your chance to do your job and attend classes ON TIME!

Should High School Students Work?

Of course, California is good for taking rest. Your road trip can be a good start for your student traveling experience in California and around. Nothing is impossible for modern youth! You can easily combine LA car travel, study and business! Your college rules are always supportive to give you some time for building a part-time business. Before asking for a job, you should find out the limits for child labor in your state. It mostly depends on your age.

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Students Part-Time Occupation

Look around! The world is full of interesting business projects you can try on during your student years. Let’s find out what are the most popular part-time jobs for college students in LA and other US states.

  1. Animal Shelter Opportunities

If you adore animals, it’s not a problem for you to find a good job at animal shelter. People are hired to clean, care and play with animals. What is more, if you have a plan to get a vet job in future, you have a chance to get some practice. So, what can you do? You can assist to feed or treat animals. Also, this job is the best choice if you are animal lover.

  1. Crafts for Sale

Want to be a painter or sculpture? You have a chance to start right now! Seriously, having artistic skills, you can sell all your creatures. It may be drawing, sculpturing, hand-made jewelry. Where can you sell them? You may sell them on festivals, to your friends and relatives or online. Just draw something creative, make a picture of it and post on the special website.

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  1. Pizza delivery

Do you have a car? All LA students prefer driving their own vehicle. So, if you driving skills are good, you can get a job delivering pizzas. If not, car rental from Rental24h in LA will help you to get a good car at any time you need it. Of course, delivery service is not the high-paid job. But you depend on your own opportunities. For example, you can listen to your favorite music in the car and have freedom to drive vehicle on your own. This is not a kind of job to make big money and useful experience, but it also can be helpful in boosting your driving and communicative skills.

  1. Car Washing

This is a classic part-time job that every student needs! It would be great to do washing on holidays or in the evening when you are free from study. You will never be bored here as people always need washing cars. Never forget to make your prices cheaper than next-corner professional car washing service offers. Speaking about minuses, you often get wet, and work for a minimum salary. Speaking about pluses, you can wash your own car for free. The car for LA student means much!

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  1. Document Archival

This is an easy job to do. All you need is your laptop. There are many people are suddenly aimed to take their documents or photos into order. Where to find clients? You can start your business with your close people, your relatives’ friends and others. All you need is Google Docs on your laptop. The photos and pics can be easily scanned and listed with a help of laptop programs. You shouldn’t be an experienced technician, but simple user.

What about the prices? Of course, the price usually depends on the number of photos or documents, and how much time you spent to complete the task. As a rule, the prices may start with $0.20-30 per photo and $0.30-40 per document. The prices vary. This is a sort of careful work that needs special attention to be sure you will not damage photos.

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You can name many different reasons that make students start their own part-time job. Do you do this because of money? As a rule, the most of these jobs cannot bring good money. The main thing you get is valuable experience. You are getting skilled in managements, professional working duties, and team work by practicing. How about you? Is it a good idea to work while you are in study? You may share your experience here! Take your chance to get more free money for your personal needs.