Parents are disturbing to accommodate adverse angle about the amount of academy apprenticeship for their children: added than bisected accept that fees of up to £9,000 a year represent poor amount for money, yet a majority still attention a acceptable university apprenticeship as the best avenue to a called career, according to a YouGov poll.

The analysis of parents beyond all amusing backgrounds of accessory school-age pupils in England and Wales, commissioned by the Guardian, shows that alone 14% anticipate allegation fees action a acceptable deal, while about 60% anticipate degrees aren’t annual the money.

It additionally suggests that parents are now accessible to cheaper alternatives to the accepted full-time university route: a majority (57%) said internet-based courses in which acceptance watch lectures online are a acceptable idea, and about bisected were absolute about apprenticeships.

The poll additionally highlights the continuing amusing bisect that determines whether a adolescent being goes to university. Eight out of 10 families with an anniversary assets of added than £50,000 apprehend their adolescent to administer to university, but that avalanche to 56% area parents accept an assets beneath £20,000. The “hereditary” aspect to academy apprenticeship persists: three-quarters of alum parents anticipate their accouchement will apply, but alone 46% of those who larboard academy at 16 see their accouchement at university.

The findings, apparent at the Guardian University Forum in London, affirm the abstruse akin of affair aural families over the amount of activity to university. Once active costs are taken into account, costs are estimated to absolute over £50,000 for a three-year course.

But in an adumbration of the agitation adverse parents, the poll additionally suggests that two-thirds of parents still anticipate that the acceptable full-time university archetypal is an able way for their baby to access the career of their best – admitting its costs. Abounding will accept an eye on application abstracts assuming that added than 20% of under-25s are afterwards a job, best of them non-graduates.

Two-thirds of the 1,100 parents with a adolescent age-old 11 to 17 ranked a advance delivered commonly on-site at a university as a acceptable avenue into a adopted job – agreement a full-time amount able-bodied aloft added options such as an apprenticeship, online amount or abstruse qualification. Abutment was not alone about pragmatism: alike added parents (69%) told pollsters they anticipation university should be admired for its own account and not alone as a avenue to a job.

Despite their scepticism over the costs of degrees, about as abounding parents – 63% averaged beyond amusing classes – accept that their adolescent will administer to university, suggesting aspiration still trumps banking concern. Currently, about 49% of adolescent bodies go on to academy apprenticeship afterwards a affecting amplification in contempo years.

But, while acceptable university abstraction acutely continues to be admired by parents, the analysis additionally highlights accepted amusing analysis in attitudes to academy education, a bisect that has remained admitting political attempts over a bearing to about-face it. A absolute of 72% of parents from academy amusing classes accept university is a acceptable avenue to a adopted career for their children, compared with alone 58% for those from lower amusing groups.

Similarly, 70% of added flush parents anticipate their accouchement are acceptable to administer to university, while aloof 53% of the beneath flush allotment that view. The analysis widens added based on geography, reinforcing allegation aftermost year from the Academy Apprenticeship Funding Council for England of a growing accord gap amidst London and the blow of the country. A absolute of 77% of parents in the basic apprehend to see their baby branch off to college, compared with 59% in the arctic of England.

The adverse impulses adverse parents appear amidst affirmation that aerial fees – institutions will allegation an boilerplate of £8,647 for courses starting this autumn – accept not put applicants off: numbers are ascent afterward an antecedent dip. However, pupils, too, are afraid about money: a analysis conducted for the Sutton Trust aftermost May amid 11-16-year-olds in accompaniment schools begin two thirds had cogent apropos about the amount of academy education.

Dr Gill Wyness, of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London Academy of Economics, said the YouGov poll accent “a lot of scepticism for forgivable affidavit from parents”, but additionally acicular to the “surprising” akin of abutment for university abstraction for its own account and not alone as a footfall to a career. She said: “There are a lot of abreast contradictions, area bodies are adage they can’t allow for their accouchement to go to university and yet they are assured them to go. It’s a abstruse time for people.”

There was ample abutment for cheaper online courses, but the actuality that the all-inclusive majority still favoured the acceptable avenue appropriate parents absolutely acquainted such bargain alternatives were acceptable for “other people’s accouchement but not their own”, she suggested.

Wyness said the able acceptance in the amount of a university apprenticeship for its own account represented a “surprising” claiming to the government’s able focus on the absolute articulation amidst a amount and balance and application prospects.

Professor Claire Callender, assistant of academy apprenticeship at Birkbeck Academy and the Institute of Education, said parents assume “divided or unclear” about the allowances of academy education, admitting their activity for acquirements in assumption rather than banking account ran adverse to government rhetoric. But she aloft apropos that parents’ fears over costs abandon a abridgement of compassionate of grants and loans accessible to acceptance from beneath flush homes, suggesting added should be done to explain all the options.