Lifting hoist is a robust and useful lifting equipment that reduces the effort and manpower required to lift a load. Hoists are typically made of a chain or wire rope that can be powered by a motor or operated manually. Electrically powered hoists are perfect for varied mechanics and can be swiftly plugged into any device. Similarly, manual hoists are used with the devices that are levered, hand cranked or ratcheted.

It is quintessential to opt the right hoist type from the available versions. When a lifting hoist is used above its intended duty cycle, it may cause negative impact in the performance. Similarly, if it is undersized, it might result in premature damage.

A basic hoist uses a mechanical braking system where a physical brake locks the suspended material. Unlike other devices, hoists do not employ a freespool method that makes them a safe option for lifting diverse materials. They also contain a load limiting switch to disallow carrying more than suggested weight limit. With lifting hoists, there is less risk that the load slips off.

An electric scaffold hoist is another reliable hoist type that requires easy installation and safe results with a key interlock protection hook. An auto rope winding and a direction exchange device allows safe rope alignment with the increased rope life. It also possesses carbon construction and a powder coated smooth finish for extreme durability.

Key Traits of an Electric Scaffold Hoist

  • Neat design with an elegant shape.
  • Protection hook with suspension style for reliable mounting.
  • Automatic rope winding system to increase the steel rope lifespan with less mess.
  • Interlock safety protection.
  • Easy lubrication through the grease nipple.
  • Unique bearing system for free cable drum rotation and increased hoist life.
  • Up and down-time limiting device meeting all the standards.
  • Robust pulley hook for double lifting capacity.
  • Easy steel rope modification without disassembling.
  • Unique rope drum with around 40m length steel rope.
  • Steel rope extension flexibility is also available.


A general lifting hoist or electric scaffold hoist delivers flawless lifting results for heavy loads where it is necessary to keep it in safe working condition. All its components should be lubricated effortlessly to avoid any damage or wear and tear.

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Author of this post is a trained engineer at Bishop lifting equipment store and an innovative writer by hobby. He writes for different lifting devices, majorly hoists so that people should know the basic features of the equipment they need at their workplace.