One of the few tasty dishes that are quite healthy as well is the palak paneer. If you look around for tasty recipes, most of them are non-vegetarian as cooking them demands lots of spices as well, but this is one of few such vegetarian dish which is not only delicious, but also does not consume a lot of time in cooking as well as quite affordable in the sense that it does not require costly ingredients to cook them and hence it is one of the favourite Indian dishes which are in demand in almost every kitchen.

A delicious mix of ingredients:

Palak paneer can be described as vegetarian platter from the Indian Subcontinent. It is quite easily understandable when presented in Indian regional languages. Since the Indian National language is hindi, therefore when a palak paneer recipe in hindi is written or presented online then it becomes widely accepted and famous too. This dish that is composing of paneer inside of a thick cream made from puréed spinach together with seasoned by using garlic, garam masala, and various other spices. This is exactly one of the most dearly loved among north Indian dishes. Additionally, it is easy to plan and seems delicious. It will be served with naan, roti or even utilizing any flavouring for rice can be enjoyed with plain basmati rice or possibly jeera grain.

Can be prepared as a homely dish or like a restaurant:

As it was mentioned earlier this recipe is quite easy to cook and hence it does not require a long list of spices, pickles or other ingredients to cook and thereby is a very affordable and easy dish to cook. If you want you can just add minimal ingredients and cook it if you are making it in your home and are health conscious for your family, and t the same time if you are planning for a party dish in a restaurant-style then this dish can be just the right answer to your question.

Toppings are the ‘icing on the cake’:

Ideally, palak paneer is served based when it can be topped with some cream as well as butter. Along with it if a few sprinkles of lemon juice can be spread over it then nothing better than that. Another significant factor of this recipe is that it can be cooked dry as well as gravy, keeping in mind the tastes and preferences of different food lovers. The aroma and flavour of it is certainly something worth cherishing. This dish is certainly going to tickle the taste buds of many.

All you need is to spend about 15 min’s of time and you can easily prepare this real quick. If you are planning to cook a dish for 4-5 people in quick time then nothing best than the palak paneer. If you are not so well versed in English then just type palak paneer recipe in hindi in Google and you will innumerable recipes to choose from in your own familiar language.