Studying for boards is very stressful, and no understanding topics can increase the reasons to be stressed about. Learning the whole years worth of syllabus in a few days and practicing them to perfection is a very difficult task. Scoring well in board exams is important, and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to do that. Mathematics of class 10 has all the basic concepts that are required to understand higher mathematics and so needs to be learned properly. There are various chapters that are very crucial for developing concepts, and Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables in one such topic.

Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables: Tips

What is a Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables?

A pair of linear equations in two variables is the class 10 maths chapter 4. The topic can be considered as a definition of itself but to make it clearer, it is a pair of equations having two variables and their coefficients with addition or subtraction as operations among them. The degree of these equations are one and thus are called linear. A pair of linear equations is used for plotting lines and finding their common points as solutions. This is of huge application in many mathematical situations and helps in understanding similar situations with non-linear equations. Finding solutions of a pair of equations with the help of graphs is a common practice. But to finding theoretically provides the exact numbers that are needed. But knowledge of both methods is required to properly understand the properties of lines in 2-dimensional space and understanding their solutions.

Effectively Learning

There are many ways to effectively learn any concept of any subject. The practice is what is dependent upon the type of subject. Maths being in question needs to be understood and practiced for a better understanding. Maths is a subject of rigorous practice and learning as many ways of forming solutions and thinking of solutions that fit well. Pair of linear equations in two variables class 10 is a rather easy topic and requires just knowledge of concepts mentioned in the chapter to learn well. The chapter is not that big but forms a very important part of learning graphical analysis.

There are many books that provide a good and easy outlook of the chapter and helps understand the student easily. The NCERT book for mathematics is in itself a very good book on the chapter. It has all the information and the required amount of exercises, and doing it must be enough to understand the chapter clearly. But if it is required, for more practice books by authors RS Aggarwal and R D Sharma are very good too. Both the books offer great content and good detail of every theorem and provide great examples that improve the understanding of the concept. Other than that, these books have the exercises that are thorough enough. The exercises are tackle every type of question and thus are very good for practice purposes.

Apart from this, clarifying concepts from teachers is also important as a teacher can easily make the student understand the topic in a better way than just reading the book.This also helps to build a good connection with the teacher.

Learning any topic in Maths requires a lot of practice. Choosing the right book for practice and getting doubts clarified is an important aspect of this effective learning. But in the end, the key to better scores is hard work and dedication.